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​​​THE 65TH ANNUAL TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB FAIR WAS CONDUCTED JULY 15 - JULY 23, 2022 AND WAS FILLED WITH EVENTS. To honor all our sponsors and supporters, this page will remain available to check out until we upload the 2023 Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Events.  We hope to see you at next year's event, but until then, check out what made the 2022 Tollesboro Lions Club Fair special by viewing the following:

Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds, Lions Club Road,  Tollesboro KY 41189-9726 us
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     Located at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds and Community Park, KY 10, KY 9 ("AA" Hwy), and the Lions Club Road, Tollesboro, Lewis County, Kentucky.

The Tollesboro Lions Club is a part of the World's Largest Service Organization, Lions Club International,
with over 1.35 MILLION members in 46,000 clubs established in over 200 countries!!!


SANCTIONED (B) Rocky Mountain Horse Show,

Friday, July 15, 2022
RMHA high points and KHBIF APPLY. Show starts at 7:30 pm
Rocky Mountain Horses -- Road Ponies – Road Horses
Special Event - Walking Mule & MULE RACE.
All rules of affiliations apply RMHA, SCHA, KAOFHS, KHBIF.

All classes with less than three horses in class start with second place money.

 CLASS                                                                                                                ENTRY FEE                  AWARDS  

1. RMHA Juvenile Show Pleasure 17 & under                                               $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Casio Management 
2. Juvenile Exhibitor Road PONY                                                                     $30.00                        $175.00
Sponsored by State Farm Insurance Brian Payne Maysville Ky.
3. RMHA.3 Year old Show Pleasure                                                                 $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Bank of Maysville, Maysville, Ky.
4. RMHA AOT Show Pleasure                                                                            $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by US Bank Maysville, Ky.
5.RMHA Juvenile 17 & under Country Trail                                                     $30.00                      $175.00
Sponsored by Community Trust Bank Flemingsburg, Ky.
6. Pleasure Driving Pony                                                                                     $30.00                      $175.00
Sponsored by Lewis County Circuit Court Clerk Teresa Callahan
6A). Walking Mule Class                                                                                     $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Graham Lumber Flemingsburg, Ky.
7. RMHA Stallions Show Pleasure                                                                     $30.00                      $175.00
Sponsored by Gaydos Funeral Home, Vanceburg, Ky.
8. RMHA Amateur Country Trail Pleasure                                                        $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by MCFarland Chevrolet, Maysville, Ky.
9. RMHA Mares & Gelding Trail Pleasure                                                         $30.00                       $175.00 
Sponsored by Total Care Pharmacy, two locations Flemingsburg, Ky.
10. 52 inch& under Road Pony                                                                            $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Mike’s Body Shop, Garrison, Ky.
11. RMHA Amateur Show Pleasure                                                                   $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Primary Plus all locations
12. Junior Road Pony                                                                                           $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Johnny Bivens, Lewis County Sheriff
13. RMHA Juvenile 17 &under Trail Pleasure                                                 $30.00                        $175.00

Sponsored by Mann Chrysler, Dodge, Ram Trucks, Jeep, Maysville, Ky.
14. RMHA Open Country Trail Pleasure                                                            $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Arrick Propane, all locations
15. RMHA Mares & Gelding Show Pleasure                                                     $30.00                        $175.00
Sponsored by Carmeuse Lime, Maysville, Ky.
16. RMHA Stallions Trail Pleasure                                                                      $30.00                        $175.00
Sponsored by Young Farm Machinery Flemingsburg, Ky.
17. Amateur Road Pony                                                                                         $30.00                       $175.00
Sponsored by Southern States Cooperative all locations
18. Mule Race                                                                                                            none                        $300.00
Sponsored by Peoples Bank of Kentucky, Flemingsburg, Tollesboro, Maysville.
19. 48 & under Road Pony                                                                                      $30.00                      $175.00
Sponsored by Brown County Construction
20. RMHA Amateur Trail Pleasure                                                                         $30.00                     $175.00
Sponsored by Double A Trucking, Amber & Micheal Kielman, Tollesboro, Ky.
21. Amateur Road Horse to Bike                                                                            $30.00                      $175.00
Sponsored by Big Boys Toys In Memory of Terri Lyn Phillips
22. RMHA 3 Year Old Trail Pleasure                                                                       $30.00                     $175.00
Sponsored by Leslie Collier Candidate for Lewis County Clerk in November 2022
23. RMHA Open Trail Pleasure Championship                                                     $40.00                      $250.00
Sponsored by Tire World, Maysville, Ky,
24. RMHA Amateur Show Pleasure Champion                                                    $40.00                      $250.00
Sponsored by Globe Funeral Home all locations
25. Road Horse to Bike Championship                                                                  $40.00                       $250.00
Sponsored by Penny Stanfield Maysville CPA, Maysville, Ky.
26. RMHA Open Country trail Championship                                                        $40.00                       $250.00
Sponsored by KY Farm Bureau Insurance, Vanceburg, Ky.
27. RMHA Amateur Trail Championship                                                                 $40.00                      $250.00
Sponsored by Rip’s Farm Supply, Tollesboro, Ky.
28. RMHA Open Show Pleasure Championship                                                    $40.00                      $250.00
Sponsored by Mark & Kim Ripato, Tollesboro, Ky.

A special thanks to all Sponsors, Exhibitors, and fans!



​​Tollesboro Lions Club Walking Horse Show

Saturday, July 16 2022 
Starts 7:30 pm.
American Horse Service, -HIO,   SSHAK
CLASS                                                                                                             ENTRY FEE                  AWARDS 

1. Stick Horse                                                                                                                              none    Ribbons & Trophy

Sponsored by Bane Farms, Tollesboro, KY
2. Lead Line                                                                                                                                 none    Ribbons & Trophy

Sponsored by  Bane Farms, Tollesboro, KY
3. Men Only Country Pleasure Walking                                                                                    $40.00    $175.00
Sponsored by  Stober Drives Inc., Maysville, KY  
4. Juvenile All Day Pleasure                                                                                                       $40.00    $175.00

Sponsored by Fannin Trucking, Orangeburg, KY 
5. 4 Year Old Walking                                                                                                                   $40.00    $175.00 

Sponsored by Brell Funeral Home, Maysville, KY
6. SSH Juvenile Trail Pleasure                                                                                                   $40.00    $175.00 
Sponsored by Hardymon Lumber, Maysville, KY
7. 11 & Under Walking                                                                                                                 $40.00    $175.00

Sponsored by Thomas Bertram Attorney at Law, Vanceburg, KY
8. Juvenile Country Pleasure                                                                                                     $40.00   $175.00
Sponsored by Mike Rice, Blue Licks, Ky & Doug’s Glass, Maysville, Ky.
9. 2 Year Old Walking                                                                                                                  $40.00   $175.00
Sponsored by Austin Truesdell, Tollesboro. KY. Trophy  presented by Finn Salyer
10. Amatuer Owned &Trained Walking                                                                                    $40.00    $175.00
Sponsored by Leslie Collier Candidate for Lewis County Clerk November, 2022
11. Open Park Performance                                                                                                      $40.00   $175.00
Sponsored by Trace Creek Construction, Vanceburg, Ky.
12. Plantation Pleasure Open (Western or English Attire)                                                   $40.00   $175.00
On The Sycamore, Tollesboro Square, Tollesboro, Ky.
13. Amateur Show Pleasure                                                                                                      $40.00   $175.00         
Sponsored by Lewis County Clerk Stephanie Story
14. Trail Pleasure                                                                                                                         $40.00  $175.00
Sponsored by Fleming Mason Energy RECC
15.Trail Pleasure Racking                                                                                                           $40.00  $175.00
Sponsored by Lewis County Judge Executive Craig A. Stanfield
16.  Novice Amateur Walking Horse                                                                                         $40.00  $175.00
Sponsored by Kenny Ruckel, Lewis County Property Valuation Administrator
17. 3 Year Old Walking                                                                                                                 $40.00  $175.00 
Sponsored by Sammy & Kathy Applegate In Memory of John Sherman Applegate and & Jeanette  Applegate
18. All Day  Pleasure                                                                                                                    $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Bryon’s Auction, Tollesboro Square, Tollesboro, KY
19. SSH Juvenile Country Pleasure                                                                                          $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Hines Insurance Agency, Maysville, Ky.
20. 17 & under Walking                                                                                                               $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Standard Quick Print, Maysville,  Ky.
21. SSH. Open Shod                                                                                                                     $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Woodman Life, Vanceburg, KY
22. Ladies Amateur Walking Horse                                                                                           $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Agpro, Flemingsburg, Ky.
23. Juvenile Walking Pony                                                                                                         $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Maysville, Ky.
24. Ladies Country Pleasure                                                                                                       $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Eagle Creek Chevrolet GMC Buick Morehead, Ky.
25. Show Pleasure Open                                                                                                             $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Craig A. Stanfield Real Estate & Auction Services, Tollesboro, Ky.
26.Juvenile Country Pleasure                                                                                                    $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Chuck Marshall  Real Estate & Auction Service,  Flemingsburg,  Ky.
27.Lite Shod (Western or English attire)                                                                                  $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Boone-Nickell Funeral Home, Flemingsburg, Ky.
28.SSH Trail Pleasure                                                                                                                  $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Back’s Auto Auction, Mt. Sterling, KY
29. 15.2 & Under Open Walking                                                                                                $40.00 $175.00
Sponsored by Story Realty, Flemingsburg, Ky.
30. Amateur Walking Horse Championship                                                                            $50.00 $250.00
Sponsored by UK. Health Care
31. Trail Pleasure Championship                                                                                             $50.00 $250.00                                  
Sponsored by Peoples Bank of Ohio, Tollesboro, Ky.
32. All Day Pleasure Championship                                                                                        $50.00 $250.00
Sponsored by Tire World, Maysville, Ky.
33.Country Pleasure Championship                                                                                        $50.00 $250.00
Sponsored by Globe Funeral Home Tollesboro,  Ky.
34.Walking Horse Championship                                                                                             $75.00 $500.00
Sponsored by Osman Pharmacy Vanceburg, KY, Cheap’s Chevrolet, Flemingsburg, Ky., and Security Bank & Trust, Maysville, KY. Trophy & Ribbons Donated by Wills Family In memory of Douglas Wills.      

Thanks to all Sponsors, Exhibitors and Fans for supporting our show!



 The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to acknowledge and thank our First DIAMOND LEVEL SPONSORS for making significant contributions to the Tollesboro Lions Club in support of the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair.





     ​The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to acknowledge and thank all of our ELITE SPONSORS for their continued support of the Tollesboro Lions Club and the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair. We couldn't do all that we do and have the growth and success that we have been blessed with without the overwhelming continued support of our community and supporters and the Blessings of GOD!!!

606 Real Estate & Auction; A & B Farms/Linda Breeze; A. W. Graham Lumber; Advanced Diesel Performance;

Ag Pro Equipment; Al & Sue Jane Bane; Andrew Malone Livestock; Applegate Farms; Bane Farms;
Bane-Welker Case IH Georgetown; Benjamin Harrison/Lewis County Attorney; Best-1 Storage;

Big A Tire Service; Big Blue Outdoor; Bill Boggs State Farm Insurance; Medical Arts Pharmacy/Fred Toncray; Black's Welding; Bluegrass Stockyards Maysville/Mt. Sterling; Boone Nickell Funeral Home; Bradley Schultz; Brown County Construction; Brown County Rental; Bruner Land Company/;

Buffalo Trace Surveying/Travis McGlone; Burton Fencing; C & D Electronics/The Shack; Carmeuse Lime; Central Farm Supply; Charlie Thompson/Independent Excavating; Cheap's Chevrolet; Collier Distributing; Community Trust Bank; Craig A. Stanfield Real Estate & Auction Services/Stanfield Auction Center;

D & A Wholesale; Darrell & Loretta Dixon; Double AA Trucking; Double S Entertainment/JB's Grill;

Craig A. Stanfield Lewis County Judge Executive/Vote Nov. 8; Family Medicine Associates of Flemingsburg; Fannin Trucking & Fannin Truck Repair; Farm Credit Services of Mid-America; Farmers Mutual Insurance; Farmers Stockyards; Fleming Mason Energy; Flemingsburg Machining; Ginn's Sealing and Striping;

H & S Excavating; Harmon's Concessions; Harris Farms; Hawk Predator & Wildlife Control;

Henderson's Fuel Station; Hinton Mills; Howington Dixie Cafe; Hunt For The Gospel; 

In Memory of Mack & Lois Wright; In Memory of Pat & Jeree Ruark;

Jackie's Deer Lures/Jeff Barbour & Family; Jim's Car Wash; Johnny & Linda Wallingford;

Johnny Bivens Lewis County Sheriff; Johnny Breeze & Sons Farms; Johnny Osborne Magistrate Elect;

JSB Industrial Solutions; Kenny Ruckel/Lewis County Property Valuation Administrator;

Kenton Meadows Trucking/Excavating; Leslie Collier Lewis County Court Clerk Elect;

Lewis County Cattleman's Association; Livewire Printing/Winston Reeder; Mark & Kim Ripato;

Mark Horsley Magistrate Elect District 4; Marshall Hauling; Meadows Excavating; Meadows Used Cars;

Mike Ruggles Land Surveying; Mudlick Valley Cattle Company; Mullins Towing, LLC;

NAPA of Maysville & Flemingsburg; On Target Archery; Peoples Bank of Kentucky; Peoples Bank Of Ohio; Petersville Church of God/Pastor Milt Stanfield; Pollitt Trucking, Inc.; Primary Plus; Quality Carpet; 

R & J Farming; R & S Concrete/Joe Potter; R & S Pallet; Relentless Transport; Resurrection Systems;

Rex & Chris Elam Insurance; RGM Construction; Ribolt Fabrication LLC; Rick Butler & Sons Logging;

Rip's Farm Center; Roger & Glenda Ferguson; Ron's IGA (Tollesboro/Maysville); Rose Farm Supply LLC;

Sims Dairy Queen of Flemingsburg; Southern States Flemingsburg; Southern States Maysville;

Standard Quick Print & Office Supplies; Stephanie Story, Lewis County Court Clerk; Stober Drives;

Storage Plus/Tony Sweeney Appraisals; Take It Personal Gifts/Tabby Liles; Temperature Solutions;

Teresa Callahan Lewis County Circuit Court Clerk; The Clark Family & Denny Hornback; Threads & Inks;

Tire World; TNT Logging/Tom Fetters; Tollesboro Christian Church; Tollesboro Funeral Home;

Top Notch Spray Foam/Zane Pope; Total Care Pharmacy; Trace Creek Construction; 

TRAM Construction/Terry LeMaster; Tri-County Vet/Dr. Darin Stanfield, DVM; Truesdell Trucking;

Tully Transport; Tully's Backhoe & Rock Hauling Service; Tumbleweed Tex-Mex Restaurant;

Turner Tractor Sales; Valor Oil; Weaver Construction; Westway Feed Products; Woodmen Life Chapter 890; Yoder's Dinner Bell; Young Farm Machinery.