The Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds/Community Park is located at Tollesboro, Lewis Co., KY and fronts on 3 roadways: KY 9 (the "AA HWY"), KY 10, and Fairgrounds Road (also known as Grainery Lane, Lions Club Lane and Bane North Road). To access the main entrance on KY 10 (however there are entrances from the Lions Club Lane if traveling from KY 9, the AA Hwy; there is no direct entrance from KY 9 onto the fairgrounds. An elevated sign is located on KY 9 at the Fairgrounds Road entrance): From the KY 9-KY 57 intersection (where the stop light is), turn north (left if traveling to Tollesboro from the west/Maysville; right if traveling to Tollesboro from the east/Vanceburg, and straight through the intersection if traveling from the south/Flemingsburg), go approximately 1/4 mile to the intersection of KY 10 and turn left (west). Go approximately 3/4 mile, entrance is on the left. Going slightly further will take you to the intersection of Fairgrounds Road where 3 entrances are in place. The aerial photograph below shows the fairgrounds in relation to the town of Tollesboro ("Red" represents KY 9/AA Hwy; "Yellow" represents KY 57; "Blue represents KY 10. A number of local landmarks are shown on the aerial for reference). This aerial can be downloaded and saved to your computer or printed out if you want to print out and use to locate the fairgrounds. Another view is shown below as is a map showing the location of the fairgrounds. 

The Tollesboro Lions Club.  Proudly Serving Tollesboro Since 1954!


     Located at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds and Community Park, KY 10, KY 9 ("AA" Hwy), and the Lions Club Road, Tollesboro, Lewis County, Kentucky.

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