The Tollesboro Lions Club will once again present scholarships to local high school graduates intending to further their education. Tollesboro Lions Club Scholarship applications need to be completed and turned in by April 19th, 2024 (NOTE: This is not a postmarked date, this is a received by date). 


      Applications may be mailed to the Tollesboro Lions Club Secretary Phil Cropper as the chairman of the Scholarship Committee) at 1758 Burtonville Road, Tollesboro, KY 41189 (alternatively, the completed scholarship application may be delivered to other members of the Scholarship Committee, John Redmond or Denny Hornback prior to the April 19th, 5:00 PM deadline).  

     The Scholarship Committee will review the scholarship applications and make recommendations to the Club for approval on their April 22nd meeting. The Club will give 3 recipients $500 (although number of recipients and the amount is subject to the Scholarship Committee purview/Tollesboro Lions Club review/approval). Last year, the Tollesboro Lions Club was blessed with an anonymous donation and an additional scholarship (in memory of 55 year member Larry Tucker) that permitted the Club to offer 7 graduates $500 each to further their educational pursuits, two from Mason County High School, 5 from Lewis County High School.  


       The Tollesboro Lions Club will celebrate it's 70th Anniversary at their next meeting, April 22, 2024. The Club was chartered April 30, 1954 and had a Charter Night dinner May 18th, 1954 at the Tollesboro High School (this was a mere 3 years before the Club held it's first Fair, which was a one-day event in 1957, and several years before the Club's first real estate purchase in 1960!). The original charter was signed by 20 members; however by Charter Night, 25 Tollesboro residents claimed membership in the Tollesboro Lions Club. 
      On April 22nd, 2024, the Club will celebrate it's 70th Anniversary at 7:00 PM at the Tollesboro Lions Club Clubhouse situated upon the grounds of hte Tollesboro Lions Club Fairground. This meeting will be a Ladies Night Event whereby all members are requested to invite their spouse or significant other to the meeting for a special meal. 


       The Tollesboro Lions Club will host a Community Easter Egg Hunt March 30th, 2024 at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds. The event will begin with Sensory Hour from 11 am until Noon (Sensory Hour is for Special Needs children; there is no age restriction). Following the Sensory Hour, children will register and will be divided into several different age groups and search for hidden Easter eggs in contained areas beginning at approximately 12:30 pm. Tentative children age groups will consist of the following: Birth to 3 Years of Age; 4 to 6 Years of Age; 7 to 10 Years of Age; and 11 to 13 Years of Age (some groups may change depending upon the numbers enrolled). Event hosts will be Carol Cunningham and Tabby Tully Liles and volunteers are invited to assist them with stuffing and hiding eggs. Feel free to contact them for arrangements/details, or to volunteer. Volunteers are invited to assist in filling the eggs on days prior to the event, or to assist at the event): Carol: 606-202-1883; Tabby: 912-856-4687.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club will host Trade Days Events on the grounds of the Tollesboro Lions Club, set up along the frontage of the AA HWY (KY 9) several times this year. To date, three Trade Days Events are scheduled, the first to occur May 2nd through May 5th (Derby Weekend) designated as SPRING TRADE DAYS. The second, SUMMER TRADE DAYS, will take place June 20th through June 23rd. The third event, FALL TRADE DAYS, will be September 5th through 8th. 
      The TRADE DAYS Events are Flea Market type events, offering arts and crafts, baked and home-made goods, new items, antiques, tools, guns, knives, and other items. Weekend rate is just $30 without electric connections, of $45 with electric connections. Admission is free, parking is free. Events open on Thursday at 9 am until dark, on Friday and Saturday from 8 am until dark, and on Sunday vendors are encouraged to continue to setup. 
       For additional information or to reserve vendor space, contact Richard "Skeeter" Shaw (606) 356-8043 or (606) 798-6134.


        At the February meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the Club discussed this year's Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair. This year the Fair will be July 12th through July 20th. Normally, the Horse Show is held at the first weekend of the Fair, meaning July 12th and 13th. However, Lion Paul Hampton informed the Club that this timing would place the Tollesboro Lions Club Horse Show in direct competition with the Owensboro Horse Show. Therefore, Paul made a motion, which was properly seconded and approved, to hold the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Horse Show July 26th and 27th, the weekend following the Fair so as not to conflict with other Fair events. The Club is looking at new events to add to the first weekend of the Fair (in addition to the Tug Tractor Pull). 


       The Tollesboro Lions Club announces that they will soon be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the signing of their Charter. Founded in 1954, chartered April 30, 1954. Our first president was Charles M. Hughes. The first organizational meeting was held Dec. 12, 1953.When we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Tollesboro Lions Club on April 30, 2004, two charter members of the club not only maintained their membership from Charter Member to remain a member and survived to serve 50 years (Samuel M. “Mack” Wright lived until Feb., 20, 2015, surviving to extend the term of his membership to 61 years; Julian E. “Elmo” Gillespie actually passed away Feb. 23, 2004 just prior to the celebration of the April 30, 2004 Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Charter signing of the Tollesboro Lions Club. However he was a 50 year member of the organization as was involved in the organization of the club in the months prior to the chartering ceremony). 
      The TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB CHARTER CEREMONY was held April 30, 1954, with 20 members signing the Charter. The CHARTER MEMBERS of the club are listed following (in the order in which their names appeared on the Official Charter): Charles M. Hughes (the First President of the Tollesboro Lions Club), Chelsea A. Merritt, Owen Cooper, Howard Frye, Ermen L. Boyd, Scott S. Corns, Newell E. Rudder, W. B. "Buddy" Grant, Henry Calvert, Martin L. Voiers, Eugene Fox, Samuel M. "Mack" Wright, Charles A. Bane, Julian E. "Elmo" Gillespie, Harry L. Applegate, Harvey Brayfield, Lavae Secrest, Tommy Barbour, Boyd Harrison, and Orville "O. S." Highfield.  NOTE: In the program for the first OFFICIAL Meeting, conducted May 18, 1954 recognized as "CHARTER NIGHT" (although 18 days following the signing of the Official Charter), 24 members are named rather than the 20 members who signed the official charter. The members who apparently joined the club after the Charter was signed but prior to the CHARTER NIGHT meeting include: Russell Barbour, Charles Secrest, Bruce Barkley, and Omer Hamlin. 
   Our first fair conducted in 1957, a one-day event held at the Tollesboro High School (prior to the acquisition of the fairgrounds), only 3 years after our club's organization. We have come a long way since then! We acquired the first portion of our grounds in 1960, only 6 years after our Club's organization. We have expanded the Fairgrounds over the years to include approximately 30 acres. We eventually expanded our fair to a week-long event. In the late 1990s, we expanded our fair to a 9 day event, in order to provide us with two weekends and to expand the number of events that we could host. This year our Fair will be held over 3 weekends, 11 days total, from July 12th through 20th, with the Horse Show to be held July 25th and 26th. 
      We are still a small Club, with 37 members; however we are an active and vital part of our community and conduct many projects to benefit the community and the members of our local community and expanding our reach to those in need (providing aid to Eastern Kentucky Flood Victims have been a priority since July of 2022 and continuing through present day). Our Club currently provides for a Zone Chairman (Craig Stanfield) and the District Governor (Steve Pedersen), and have a philosophy of “Lions Helping Lions”, offering assistance to other Lions Clubs, for decades.   



     The Tollesboro Lions Club will host the Eastern Kentucky Walking and Racking Horse Association Horse Show. The Eastern Kentucky Walking and Racking Horse Association will put on the event June 8th at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds. This will be the first time that the group has held their annual show at the Tollesboro facility. Last year's show was the Association's 34th Annual Show and it was conducted at the Stonecrest Equestrian Center in Prestonsburg, KY and offered 34 classes. The 2022 and 2021 shows were conducted in West Liberty, Kentucky and offered 33 and 31 classes respectively. The classes for this year's event have not been scheduled to date, but based upon the past performances, will likely include 30+ classes. For additional information, contact David Hampton (local Tollesboro Lions Club Event representative/coordinator between the Tollesboro Lions Club and the Eastern Kentucky Walking and Racking Horse Association)) at 606-202-3802, or contact the Eastern Kentucky Walking and Racking Horse Association or their membership directly (they have a Facebook page).


     The Tollesboro Lions Club will host the David Iery Log Jam Bluegrass Concert at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds on June 29th. This will be the 5th Annual Log Jam Event and the second event held at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds as the event was held at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds last year, a two day event, August 18th and 19th, with prior years held on top of the hill on private property off Quick's Run Road. This year's event will consist of only the one day, Saturday, June 29th, and will begin at NOON. There are five very talented, well known Bluegrass Musical Groups scheduled to appear INCLUDING: HILLBILLY TRADITION; AUTHENTIC TRADITION; ELIJAH BOGGS AND THE MOUNTAIN ECHOES; THE WILLIS TWINS; and HAMMERTOWN. The event will feature live Bluegrass Music, homecooked food, and children's activities! Tickets are $30 at the gate! COME ON OUT AND KICK YOUR HEELS UP! For additional information, contact Myron Iery at 606-202-3753.


      Auntie Anne's Pretzels will make an appearance at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds on Thursday, March 28th from Noon until 6:00 PM as a fund-raiser for the Tollesboro Elementary School. The popular snack is visiting with their portable food truck as it has for the past few years! Always popular in the local community, last year there was a line of 20 persons when I showed up and by the time I placed my order, there were 20 new persons behind me waiting to place their order! AMAZING! 
      The Auntie Anne's Pretzels may be purchased by the individual soft pretzel, a pretzel dog (a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel!), or a bucket of pretzel pieces! They offer a wide selection of toppings and flavors, and they are extremely delicious!!!
     WHILE YOUR VISITING, keep in mind that the Tollesboro Lions Club is offering FREE TREES to the public at large in commemoration of Arbor Day. The trees will include 100 each of Southern Red Oak, Black Walnut, and Dogwoods (courtesy of the Kentucky Department of Forestry, delivered to the Club by Forest Ranger Michael Carter) and a dozen Paw Paw Trees (courtesy of Kentucky State University; these will be required to take in groups of two trees as Paw Paw trees require a pollinator). Trees are free to the public, available “first-come/first-served”. Persons interested in picking up trees during the Auntie Annie's Pretzel stop should reserve their trees by contacting Tollesboro Lions Club President Craig Stanfield (606-301-3350) so that the trees can be made available to pick up. 

The Auntie Annie's Pretzel Truck as it visited at the Tollesboro Lions Club as a fund-raiser in 2023.


       The Tollesboro Lions Club project to donate trees to the public in honor of Easter and Arbor Day was a truly successful event. The trees included Dogwoods, a symbol of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection, thus soooooo appropriate as a gift as we prepare to celebrate Holy Week and Easter! Whereas Arbor Day is a date that people are encouraged to plant trees. 
     President Craig Stanfield traveled to Frankfort Tuesday, March 26th to the Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm of Kentucky State University (the state's foremost producer of Paw-Paw trees) to meet Sheri Crabtree, MSc (the Horticulture Research and Extension Associate Academic Affairs agent of Kentucky State University College of Agriculture, Community and the Sciences; and yes, that is her real name) to pickup a dozen Paw Paw trees (potted, fully leafed out, the best trees that Craig has picked up from the University to date, and this is the third time he has visited the farm to pick up Paw Paw trees to offer as part of the Arbor Day Tree Giveaway Event) to giveaway (in pairs, as Paw Paws require a pollinator for fruit production). The next day, Wednesday, May 27th, Craig traveled to the Morgan County Tree Nursery of the Kentucky Forestry Service in West Liberty, Kentucky to pick up 100 Dogwood Trees, 100 Shumard Red Oak, and 100 Black Walnut trees (Michael Carter, Forest Ranger, normally delivers these trees; he did arrange for the trees but - due to a forest fire Monday evening-Tuesday morning, he was unable to deliver the trees and - while he could arrange for delivery on Wednesday, the date that trees were supposed to be available to pickup by the public, he could not guarantee a noon delivery; therefore Craig picked up the trees). These trees are bare-root trees, thus cheaper to supply, ready to plant. All in all, 312 trees picked up to giveaway to the public at large, an event that will result in improving the environment!
      Upon his return at 11:00 AM from West Liberty, people were already contacting Lions Club to arrange pickup (Craig had received approximately 20 calls prior to the event from persons wanting to reserve trees. All of the Paw-Paw trees were claimed BEFORE Craig returned from Frankfort). To permit him to have access to internet and continue to work on the computer in between visits to pick up trees, Craig gave them away from his office, located at the intersection of KY 10 and KY 57, a highly visible location, placing a sign in his parking lot to alert people of the tree giveaway event. The sign included the Tollesboro Lions Club emblem, the logos of the Kentucky Forestry Service and Kentucky State University and indicated that the trees were free for Arbor Day planting and indicated the types of trees available.
      Between 11 AM until 3:45 PM, OVER HALF of the trees had been claimed/given-away/distributed, with additional calls for pickup the next day. Craig had planned to have trees available at the Tollesboro Lions Club Thursday, March 28 during the Auntie Anne's Pretzel/Tollesboro Elementary School Fund-raiser, and at the Tollesboro Lions Club Saturday for the Community Easter Egg Hunt, March 30th. HOWEVER demand far exceeded expectations and all 312 trees were claimed and picked up from Craig at his office before the Auntie Anne's Pretzel Truck was setup, with the remaining trees (estimated to be 40 to 45% of the 312 trees) picked up between 10:30 and 11 AM!!! In all, 312 trees distributed to plant, free to the public, a good variety, resulting in improving the environment, with all trees claimed and given away in less than 24 hours!!! AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS ALL THE WAY!!!




     The Tollesboro Lions Club has once again partnered with the Kentucky Division of Forestry and with Kentucky State University to provide trees to give-away to the public at large for Arbor Day. Tollesboro Lions Club President Craig Stanfield contacted Michael Carter, Forest Ranger of the KY Division of Forestry) and Sheri Crabtree (MSc, Horticulture Research and Extension Associate Academic Affairs) of Kentucky State University, both of whom were happy to provide trees for the Club to give away to the public. 
      This year, we will receive Southern Red Oak, Black Walnut, Dogwood (so appropriate during the Easter Celebration, as the Dogwood Legend is symbolic of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For those not familiar with the legend: The legend of the Dogwood Tree is that the small size of the tree is due to the fact that the tree originally grew large and was the source of the lumber used in the construction of the Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, and that God punished the Dogwood Tree to shrink in size so that it can never again be used as the source of lumber for a Crucifixion Cross. Further, the Dogwood tree has a four-petal flower resembling the shape of a Cross. Further, each petal has a mark (indentation) on it that resembles a "rust color" resembling dried blood representing the wounds placed in Christ's body, one petal being at the "Head" representing the wounds created by the Crown of Thorns, with the two side petals representing the wounds placed in Jesus' hands, and with the remaining petal representing the wounds to the Lord's feet. Dogwoods flower in the spring, and the flowers are typically either white or pink, both colors used heavily during the Easter Celebration. NOTE: We do not know what color flowers the Dogwoods we receive will produce) from the Kentucky Division of Forestry and with Kentucky State University providing Paw Paw trees, for the Club to give to the public in recognition of Arbor Day (NOTE: With the exception of the Oaks, the trees do require a pollinator tree; thus persons reserving trees are requested to pick up multiple trees to improve growth as well as flower/fruit/nut production). 
      Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated event whereby people and organizations are encouraged to plant trees so as to benefit the environment. Arbor Day nationally is celebrated the last Friday in April, thus April 26th. However, many states opt to celebrate Arbor Day on dates that coincide with more opportunistic planting times (although determined by date and climatic region, rather than by "moon signs" which many people prefer to plant in. According to the almanac, the waning moon is the best time to plant trees and seedlings. The closest waning moon to the date that the trees will be available is April 3rd through 8th, which includes April 5th, Kentucky's Arbor Day date this year). Kentucky celebrates Arbor Day the first Friday in April, meaning that this year Arbor Day in Kentucky is April 5th. This marks the fourth year that the Tollesboro Lions Club has offered free trees to the public in recognition of Arbor Day, having previously offered free trees in 2019, 2022, and 2023. Trees will be available March 27th (keep in mind that those wishing to plant by the "waning moon" that the best time to plant is April 3rd through April 8th!) and persons may contact Craig Stanfield (Lions Club President) directly to place an order of trees and to pick up trees by calling him at 606-301-3350 (Mason County number) or 606-798-2009 (Lewis County number). Trees are available first-come/first-served. The Division of Forestry provided 100 each of Southern Red Oak, Black Walnut, and Dogwood trees. Kentucky State University will provide 12 Paw Paw trees, given in pairs (as require a pollinator), thus only 6 persons will be able to receive Paw Paws.
     The Tollesboro Lions Club participates in Arbor Day Tree Giveaways as tree planting is a project recommended by Lions Club International's "Initiative to Improve The Environment". While trees provide natural beauty to the areas in which they are planted, it is not just their inherent beauty that improves the environment. Oaks and Walnuts produce nuts; Paw Paws produce fruit, and the Dogwood is a beautiful flowering yard tree. The nuts and fruits from these trees provide important food sources for wildlife, most of which are also suited to human consumption. Most tree varieties will grow to become large trees, generally in excess of 40 feet in height (Dogwoods being an exception, a small tree, generally 25 feet in height or less although some varieties may grow to a 40 foot height), often exceeding 100 feet, and leaves scattered throughout the height provide for shady canopies in which many birds nest and as necessary to the survival of many other plants and animals. This shade also acts to cool the earth, providing an important defense against global warming. Also, once trees mature, they sometimes become homes for different wildlife. Oaks and Walnuts are hardwood trees producing timber which we use for a variety of purposes (fuel, building materials, furniture, manufacture of paper, etc.); Paw Paws produce edible fruits suited to human (or wildlife) consumption and can be used to make ice cream, wine, brandy, and other items; Dogwoods are a desirable ornamental yard tree that is highly desirable and low maintenance that can add value to one's home. Trees improve and benefit the environment in many ways (depending upon the variety, trees may be fruit and nut bearing for wildlife and human consumption; production of timber; provide homes for birds and wildlife; provide shady canopies that cool the Earth and the environment in which they are planted and a defense against global warming, etc.), however, the most important benefit trees add to the environment is their ability to clean air, taking in carbon dioxide from the air that we exhale and converting it through the process of photosynthesis to produce oxygen which we inhale. Lastly: The trees are free. By agreeing to pick up and plant the trees, it will require you to "get outside" and do a little exercise (digging to plant the trees), an added benefit to your health (just don't over-do it!). So feel free to contact Craig (606-301-3350 or 606-798-2009) to order/arrange pickup of trees, compliments of the Tollesboro Lions Club!


     The Tollesboro Lions Club recently partnered with a number of local business to produce videos about several historic sites in Lewis and Fleming Counties, Kentucky. Three videos were produced, featuring "The Cabin Creek Covered Bridge" in Tollesboro, KY, "The Goddard Covered Bridge" in Fleming County, KY, and "Tollesboro and It's Connection To Horse-Racing's Lucille Markey". 
      The videos were produced by "History In Your Own Backyard", produced by Satolli Glassmyer with Susie Celek conducting the interviews. Craig Stanfield, President of the Tollesboro Lions Club led the organization of the production and contacted local businesses to arrange for the financial requirements to create the videos, and is a co-sponsor as well as narrator of two of the videos. Businesses that sponsored the project include PrimaryPlus (all locations); Hinton Mills (all locations); A. W. Graham Lumber, LLC of Fleming County; Craig A. Stanfield Real Estate & Auction Services; Rip's Farm Center, Inc.; L & L Auto Center; Bruner Land Company; Jackie's Deer Lures; and JSB Industrial Solutions.  
     The videos are posted on YouTube and available for the public at large to view (they will also be available to view from the Tollesboro Lions Club website, www.tollesborolions.com). To view the videos, type in the following URLs into your web-browser:

Local Historic Videos
    Cabin Creek Covered Bridge, Tollesboro, KY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTEEh2ShgLk
    Tollesboro, KY and It's Connection to Horse-Racing Royalty - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IbtwrfHe_w
     Goddard Covered Bridge, Fleming Co., KY -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QolHPiwzAZ4





       The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to acknowledge and thank our DIAMOND LEVEL SPONSORS for making significant contributions to the Tollesboro Lions Club in support of the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair.

                     RIBOLT FABRICATION                                      MEADOWS EXCAVATING 

              PEOPLES BANK OF KENTUCKY                             FIRST GUARANTY BANK

         LEWIS COUNTY KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU                      R & S PALLET



The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to acknowledge and thank all of our ELITE SPONSORS for their continued support of the Tollesboro Lions Club and the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair.

606 Real Estate & Auction; A & B Farms/Linda Breeze; A. W. Graham Lumber; Advanced Diesel Performance;

Ag Pro Equipment; Al & Sue Jane Bane; Andrew Malone Livestock; Applegate Farms; Bane Farms;

Bane-Welker Case IH Georgetown; Benjamin Harrison/Lewis County Attorney; Best-1 Storage; Big A Tire Service;

Big Blue Outdoor; Bill Boggs State Farm Insurance; Medical Arts Pharmacy/Fred Toncray; Black's Welding;

Bluegrass Stockyards Maysville/Mt. Sterling; Boone Nickell Funeral Home; Bradley Schultz; Brown County Construction; Brown County Rental; Bruner Land Company/www.brunerland.com; Buffalo Trace Surveying/Travis McGlone;

Burton Fencing; C & D Electronics/The Shack; Carmeuse Lime; Central Farm Supply;

Charlie Thompson/Independent Excavating; Cheap's Chevrolet; Collier Distributing; Community Trust Bank;

Craig A. Stanfield Real Estate & Auction Services/Stanfield Auction Center; D & A Wholesale; Darrell & Loretta Dixon; Double AA Trucking; Double S Entertainment/JB's Grill; Craig A. Stanfield Lewis County Judge Executive/Vote Nov. 8; 

Family Medicine Associates of Flemingsburg; Fannin Trucking & Fannin Truck Repair;

Farm Credit Services of Mid-America; Farmers Mutual Insurance; Farmers Stockyards; Fleming Mason Energy; Flemingsburg Machining; Ginn's Sealing and Striping; H & S Excavating; Harmon's Concessions; Harris Farms;

Hawk Predator & Wildlife Control; Henderson's Fuel Station; Hinton Mills; Howington Dixie Cafe; Hunt For The Gospel;

In Memory of Mack & Lois Wright; In Memory of Pat & Jeree Ruark; Jackie's Deer Lures/Jeff Barbour & Family;

Jim's Car Wash; Johnny & Linda Wallingford; Johnny Bivens Lewis County Sheriff; Johnny Breeze & Sons Farms;

Johnny Osborne Magistrate Elect; JSB Industrial Solutions; Kenton Meadows Trucking/Excavating;

Kenny Ruckel/Lewis County Property Valuation Administrator;  Leslie Collier Lewis County Court Clerk Elect;

Lewis County Cattleman's Association; Livewire Printing/Winston Reeder; Mark & Kim Ripato;

Mark Horsley Magistrate Elect District 4; Marshall Hauling; Meadows Excavating; Meadows Used Cars;

Mike Ruggles Land Surveying; Mudlick Valley Cattle Company; Mullins Towing, LLC; NAPA of Maysville & Flemingsburg; On Target Archery; Peoples Bank of Kentucky; Peoples Bank Of Ohio; Petersville Church of God/Pastor Milt Stanfield; Pollitt Trucking, Inc.; Primary Plus; Quality Carpet; R & J Farming;  R & S Concrete/Joe Potter;

R & S Pallet; Relentless Transport; Resurrection Systems; Rex & Chris Elam Insurance; RGM Construction;

Ribolt Fabrication LLC; Rick Butler & Sons Logging; Rip's Farm Center; Roger & Glenda Ferguson;

Ron's IGA (Tollesboro/Maysville); Rose Farm Supply LLC; Sims Dairy Queen of Flemingsburg;

Southern States Flemingsburg; Southern States Maysville; Standard Quick Print & Office Supplies;

Stephanie Story, Lewis County Court Clerk; Stober Drives; Storage Plus/Tony Sweeney Appraisals;

Take It Personal Gifts/Tabby Liles; Temperature Solutions; Teresa Callahan Lewis County Circuit Court Clerk;

The Clark Family & Denny Hornback; Threads & Inks; Tire World; TNT Logging/Tom Fetters; Tollesboro Christian Church; Tollesboro Funeral Home; Top Notch Spray Foam/Zane Pope; Total Care Pharmacy; Trace Creek Construction;

TRAM Construction/Terry LeMaster; Tri-County Vet/Dr. Darin Stanfield, DVM; Truesdell Trucking; Tully Transport;

Tully's Backhoe & Rock Hauling Service; Tumbleweed Tex-Mex Restaurant; Turner Tractor Sales; Valor Oil;

Weaver Construction; Westway Feed Products; Woodmen Life Chapter 890; Yoder's Dinner Bell; Young Farm Machinery. 


     The Tollesboro Lions Club honored several members who had passed away in 2022 and 2023 with banners placed on the interior wall of the Clubhouse. Members honored included 55 year member Larry Tucker; 50 year member Darrel Dixon (Lion Tucker and Lion Dixon both passed away late in 2022); Clinton Applegate, a 32 year member who passed away in 2023; and Philip Konopka, who --- while not a member but the Lewis County Extension Agent who was killed in a traffic accident not of his fault –- an 18 year supporter of the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair, an integral part of all the Fair's Livestock shows. The banners had been used in the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Parade, with these contributors named Honorary Parade Grand Marshalls. 




      The Tollesboro Lions Club met Monday, February 12th at 7 pm at their Clubhouse on the grounds of the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds with 15 members present. 
       President Craig Stanfield opened the meeting with Prayer, followed by member Charles Kendall leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The group then broke for dinner provided by Skeeter and Sonia Shaw. 
       Following dinner, Secretary Phil Cropper provided the minutes from the January meeting, followed by Treasurer Steve Pedersen going over the Club's finances. 
       District Governor Steve Pedersen then presented two new members with pins and membership packets. The Club welcomed new members Alan Henderson and Brendan Bussell. Member Denny Hornback sponsored Alan Henderson and Brendan Bussell was sponsored by Steve Pedersen. Denny and Steve were provided with Sponsor pins.
       Under Old Business, Craig presented the Club with the specs of the building being ordered from Kountry Korner Barns & Cabins for use as a shelter for those working the gates during the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair and other events held at the Fairgrounds (this to replace a structure that had been irreparably damaged at the closing of last year's Fair). The structure is to be an 8' x 12' overall structure, metal sided, 8' x 8' enclosed, with a 4' wide covered porch, red metal siding, white roof, with a door and two windows.
        Under New Business, several items were discussed. Steve Pedersen, Club Treasurer and also the District Governor, mentioned the 2024 District 43-Y Convention to be in Lexington, March 9th, encouraging membership to attend (President Craig Stanfield and Second Vice President Jim Meadows will be in attendance, and will be voting members representing the Tollesboro Lions Club). 
         Craig, also serving as Zone Chairman, then invited members to attend a Zone Meeting at the T.ollesboro Lions Club Monday, March 4th at 6 pm. There are 6 Clubs within the Zone, including Tollesboro, and Craig had already been in contact with members from the Mays Lick, Vanceburg, Orangeburg, and Maysville Lions Clubs and will contact members of the Lewisburg Club, and all Clubs within the Zone are encouraged to attend and encouraged to turn-in the numbers of members planning to attend as a meal will be provided so as to ensure that adequate food is prepared.
          Next, Steve mentioned District 43-Y's program "A JOURNEY TO RECOVERY" intended to offer Eastern Kentucky Flood Victims additional funds for those who lost everything, who have now been provided with housing, but who are still in need of basics (pots, pans, dinnerware, flatware, towels, sheets, blankets, glassware, coffee pots, blankets, toasters, etc.).  The District is applying for a grant from Lions International and is encouraging Clubs throughout the District to donate additional funds for this project. Funds raised will be used to purchase basics for presentation to those in need through Lions Clubs located at Hazard, Neeon, Hindman, and Jackson. A motion was then made and properly seconded for the Tollesboro Lions Club to donate $2,500 towards this  project, a motion that was approved unanimously.
        Craig then brought up that Skeeter had provided him with a flyer for the upcoming 6th Annual Tollesboro Spring Trade Days to be held at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds May 2nd through May 5th. This Flea Market Event has been growing steadily - especially over the last 2 years - with vendors offering new and used items, antiques, tools, guns, baked and home-made goods, arts and crafts, and more! For additional information and to reserve vendor space, vendors are encouraged to contact Richard "Skeeter" Shaw by phone (606) 798-6134 or (606) 356-8043.
       Secretary Phil Cropper provided a letter from Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation requesting support of the Kentucky Mr. & Ms. Basketball Program. The Club opted to support this program by means of a $250 donation.
        The Club also opted to contribute $250 to the ION Center (formerly the Womens Crisis Center) or Maysville as well as $250 to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Maysville.
        The Club discussed this year's Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair. This year the Fair will be July 12th through July 20th. Normally, the Horse Show is held at the first weekend of the Fair, meaning July 12th and 13th. However, Lion Paul Hampton informed the Club that this timing would place the Tollesboro Lions Club Horse Show in direct competition with the Owensboro Horse Show. Therefore, Paul made a motion, which was properly seconded and approved, to hold the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Horse Show July 26th and 27th, the weekend following the Fair so as not to conflict with other Fair events. The Club is looking at new events to add to the first weekend of the Fair (in addition to the Tug Tractor Pull). 
        Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

      Above, left to right: District Governor/Tollesboro Lions Club Treasurer Steve Pedersen presents new membership packets and pins to new members Alan Henderson and Brendan Bussell as new members of the Tollesboro Lions Club. Alan was sponsored by Lion Denny Hornback; Brendan was sponsored by Lion Pedersen.  


     Two quarter auctions have been conducted at the Tollesboro Lions Club Clubhouse to benefit local organizations. One was conducted to benefit the Center Academy Dance Team and was successful in raising nearly $740. A second was held that benefited the Vanceburg United Methodist Church Food Pantry and raised approximately $500 with a small crowd (due to weather conditions). 


     At the February meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the Club voted to provide donations in the amount of $250 to the ION Center (formerly the Womens Crisis Center) in Maysville, and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), also in Maysville. President Craig Stanfield opted to make the presentations as he was conducting a benefit auction on behalf of CASA February 17th and could drop off the check at the ION Center the same day.   


     At the February meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the Club opted to support District 43-Y's program "A JOURNEY TO RECOVERY" intended to offer Eastern Kentucky Flood Victims additional funds for those who lost everything, who have now been provided with housing, but who are still in need of basics (pots, pans, dinnerware, flatware, towels, sheets, blankets, glassware, coffee pots, blankets, toasters, etc.).  The District is applying for a grant from Lions International and is encouraging Clubs throughout the District to donate additional funds for this project. Funds raised will be used to purchase basics for presentation to those in need through Lions Clubs located at Hazard, Neon, Hindman, and Jackson. A motion was then made and properly seconded for the Tollesboro Lions Club to donate $2,500 towards this  project, a motion that was approved unanimously.


     At the February meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the Club opted to support the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation (KLEF) with a donation of $250. From the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation website: Founded in 1954, The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation (KLEF) is a charitable non-profit organization with a philanthropic goal whose mission is to provide vision services through education, detection, prevention, treatment and empowerment. Through collaborative partnerships, we enable greater independence and increased quality of life for all Kentuckians while focusing on children and adults in financial need. The Foundation’s activities are supported through funds contributed by Lions & Lioness Clubs, individual members, businesses, benefactors, fundraising events,  memorials and bequests. 


     Tollesboro Lions Club President Craig Stanfield is the Region 2, Zone 3 Zone Chairman representing the Lions Clubs within the area. Six clubs make up Region 2, Zone 3. The Clubs represented by Zone Chairman Stanfield are: Vanceburg, Lewisburg-Mill Creek, Mays Lick, Maysville, Orangeburg and Tollesboro. The Tollesboro Lions Club will host a Zone Meeting, Monday, March 4th, at the Tollesboro Lions Club at 6:00 PM; a meal will be provided. Chuck Carlson, of the Florence Lions Club, Past President of the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation, plans to attend the meeting. Craig contacted members of all of the Clubs in the Zone and invited them to attend, indicating that a meal would be provided and asking for an indication of the number of members that each Club may send in order to insure adequate food would be prepared. All of the Club's have responded indicating that they will send representatives! This is a welcome change as typically only a few members tend to attend and typically only a few Clubs are represented. As of February 29th, 34 Lions Club members from Clubs within the Zone (and this does not include members of the host club, the Tollesboro Lions Club) have confirmed attendance. Therefore, Tollesboro Lions Club President Craig Stanfield opted to change the date of the Club's regular meeting to coincide with the Zone Meeting (this is as the Tollesboro Lions Club, which normally meets at 7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from March through November --- only meeting the second Monday of the month from December through February --- would have 3 meetings in March. Therefore, due to the expected turnout of the Zone meeting, it was decided to rearrange the schedule so that members of the Tollesboro Lions Club could attend Monday, March 4th and not have a business meeting March 11th, as the Club will be having a meeting March 25th). Therefore the Tollesboro Lions Club will meet March 4th and March 25th this month and NOT meet March 11th. 


     The Tollesboro Lions Club hosted a Zone Meeting Monday, March 4th, at their Lions Club Clubhouse in Tollesboro. The meeting began at 6 pm., with 45 persons in attendance. Tollesboro Lions Club President/Kentucky Multiple District 43-Y/Region 2/ Zone 3 Chairman Craig Stanfield opened the meeting with Prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by District Governor/Tollesboro Lions Club Treasurer Steve Pedersen. The group then broke for dinner, a wonderful meal of ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls, with a dessert of chocolate brownie with ice cream with hot fudge (the meal was provided by Skeeter and Sonya Shaw). 
      Following dinner, Chairman Stanfield opened the meeting, thanking those in attendance. He then asked the members of each Club to rise as their Club was announced so that a count could be conducted. There are six Clubs in the Zone and all six were represented. The Maysville Lions Club was represented by one member; the Mays Lick Lions Club and the Mill Creek/Lewisburg Lions Club were each represented by 3 members; the Orangeburg Lions Clubs and the Vanceburg Lions Club were each represented by 10 members (Orangeburg did add an underage child guest); and the host Club had 15 members in attendance. Also attending, from the Independence Lions Club was Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation 43-Y Region 2 Trustee Karen Nitschke and from the Florence Lions Club Past President Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation Past President Chuck Carlson.
      Craig then invited a member of each Club to identify what projects that their Club had participated in. 
       The Maysville Club indicated that they had just begun sending out letters requesting donations for their main fund-raiser, the Maysville Lions Club Radio Auction, which will run from April 8 through April 13th. They also have blessed with the addition of 4 new members. Member Angela Jett was seeking the position of 2024-2025 Zone Chairman.
        Next, the Mays Lick Lions Club stated that they planned a Pancake Breakfast for April 6th; are planning to clean highways this summer; plan to provide concessions for the Tractor Show at the Mays Lick Mill; had benefited by 2 new members joining the Club; and meet regularly to play Euchre.
        The Mill Creek-Lewisburg Lions Club indicated that they were planning two Horse Shows this year, the first scheduled for May 25th, the second scheduled for September 14th. They were blessed with the addition of a new member. 
        Vanceburg had several new members in attendance and was to go next. However, Zone Chairman Stanfield decided to have all members present who had been Lions Club members for less than one year to stand and be recognized. Ten members stood up representing a number of Clubs within the Zone representing 4 of the 6 Clubs in the Zone (Mays Lick, Orangeburg, Vanceburg and Tollesboro)! This is a great statement to the future of Lions Club International as many Clubs and organizations are having a hard time showing growth and there were present in the Zone Meeting 10 persons who had joined their respective Lions Club within the past year in attendance at a Zone Meeting, a meeting that was represented by every Club within the Zone, an impressive statement in itself, with 45 members in attendance, another impressive statement! 
        Vanceburg then indicated that it had been BLESSED with 8 or 9 new members (many of who were present) within the last year! They just completed their sponsorship of the Annual Elementary School Basketball Tournament, a tournament that they have sponsored for in excess of 60 years. They had recently donated to "Night to Shine", the Raylen Project, Shop With A Cop, Scholarships for Lewis County High School graduates, and Warrior Ridge. They had also participated in eyeglasses and eye exams. They are planning a 10 & Under and an 8 & Under Softball Tournament (Saturday, July 20th) as well as a Golf Tournament. 
        Orangeburg then stepped to the plate. They had moved their regular meeting to attend the Zone Meeting. They had 15 new members since July! They too have a Pancake Breakfast scheduled for April 6th. They had received the 2023 Lions Club Excellence Award. They had recently provided tenure pins for their members, with one member receiving the 35 year pin (Shelby Trimble). They are planning their annual Soup/Live Auction Fall Festival Event and Shelby asked Lion Stanfield how many years it had been ongoing, to which Craig responded since 1989. This is the Orangeburg Lions Club's largest fund-raiser, an instance of "Lions Helping Lions" as Craig has been conducting this auction for all those many years! This year's Fall Festival Soup and Live Auction Fall Festival Event is scheduled for October 19th. 
      The host Club was next.  The Tollesboro Club is planning their Annual Lions Club Fair which will be July 12th through 20th. This year, the Horse Show will be July 25th and July 26th. The Club has recently donated $2500 to Kentucky Lions "Journey to Recovery" Project, an ongoing project still benefiting Flood Victims from Eastern Kentucky to improve living conditions. The Club had also donated $250 each to Maysville CASA, the ION Center, and to the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation.  
       Following the Zone Meeting, Lions Chuck Carlson and Karen Nitschke made brief presentations. Karen presented a commercial featuring Louisville, Kentucky, the site for this year's the upcoming USA-Canada Forum, which will be Sept. 5th through 7th. Lion Carlson discussed the State Convention April 27th in Elizabethtown, KY; and the District Convention this weekend (March 9th) in Lexington, KY.
     Following this presentation, in order to give the members an opportunity to visit a table setup by Lions Carlson and Nitschke, to examine and purchase Lions Club International clothing, pins, medallions, and to purchase chances for a Kentucky Rifle to be given away by KLEF. The Clubs in attendance were then permitted to leave (Tollesboro Lions Club members were requested to stay to participate in their own Club meeting following the Zone meeting). 
       The Tollesboro Lions Club meeting began at approximately 7:45 PM with 15 members in attendance. In the absence of Secretary Phil Cropper, Lion Stanfield read the press release from the last meeting in lieu of the minutes; they were accepted as read. Lion Pedersen informed the members that the State Aid Request had been submitted and approved for the 2024 Lions Club Fair. With no new business brought before the group, a motion was made and subsequently seconded to adjourn. 


      The Tollesboro Lions Club present and represented at the District 43-Y Lions Club Convention, Saturday, March 9th, in Lexington, KY. Tollesboro Lions Club Treasurer Steve Pedersen is the District Governor. Twenty-one Clubs were represented, with 65 persons in attendance. District Governor Pedersen presided over the meeting which began at 9:30 am. The meeting opened with Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. The Third District Cabinet meeting was held. Officer nominations for the coming year were made prior to lunch, with the election to be conducted following lunch.
     The Tollesboro Lions Club provided the lunch --- cooked by Jim Meadows of Rip's Farm Center, delivered by Tollesboro Lions Club President Craig Stanfield --- which consisted of pork tenderloin sandwiches, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, cole slaw, and desserts of peach cobbler and apple crisp. Following lunch, the elections were held for upcoming year offices. The election was conducted electronically, with delegates/registered voters provided a link by mobile phone to place their votes. 
     Following lunch, International Director Edwin "Guy" Hollander, of the Lawrenceburg KY Lions Club was introduced as the Guest Speaker. Among other subjects discussed, Guy presented the group with a Powerpoint presentation that included video of the Kentucky National Guard rescuing flood victims of Eastern Kentucky; video showing the flooded homes, schools, and communities affected by the flooding in Eastern Kentucky; and roadways and damaged infrastructure in Eastern Kentucky caused by the flooding. He also highlighted recovery efforts led by Lions Clubs delivering food, fans, tarps, generators, Lp gas heaters, clothing (coats, socks, gloves, etc.), gift certificates, drive-thru feeding lines, and other provisions to serve those impacted by the significant flooding. It was also mentioned that recovery efforts are continuing through present day, with the District 43Y's program "A Journey To Recovery" intended to provide needed basics to those to who lost everything. The "Journey To Recovery"'s goal is to raise $12,000 to support flood victims with toasters, towels, flatware, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, blankets, sheets, coffee pots, and microwaves to assist flood victims as they move from temporary structures to permanent housing (NOTE: The goal of $12,000 was met during the Convention. The Tollesboro Lions Club contributed $2500 towards this project!).  
     Election results were then confirmed: Lion Todd Rosenbloom of Louisville Lions Club was elected as District Governor. Lion April Ferguson of Mt. Sterling Lions Club was elected First Vice Governor; with Lion Lee Morrison, Jr. of Lexington Lions Club elected Second Vice Governor, and Lion Bobby Thorpe, Jr. of the Jackson Lions Club elected Third Vice Governor. Lion Cindy Francis of Hazard Lions Club was elected as Council Associate. Lion Pam Powers of Shelby County Lions Club was elected Region 1, Zone 2 Chairperson with Lion Robert Heironymous of Georgetown Lions Club elected Region 1, Zone 3 Chairman; for Region 2, Zone 1 Chairperson David Nitschke of Independence Lions Club was elected to fill the position; Lion Angela Jett of the Maysville Lions Club was elected Region 2, Zone 3 Chairperson; Lion Cecil Rucker of Greenup Lions Club elected Region 4, Zone 1 Chairperson; Lion Bobby Thorpe, Jr. of the Jackson Lions Club was elected as Region 4, Zone 3 Chairperson; PCC Sue Collins of the Fairdale Lions Club was elected KLEF Region 1 Trustee for a 2 year term; PCC George Lonneman of the Erlanger Lions Club was elected as the Region 2 KLEF Trustee for a 2 year term; Lion Cynthia Ferguson of the Lexington Lions Club was elected as the KLEF Region 3 Trustee for a 1 year term; and Lion Robert Shelton of the Jacksson Lions Club was elected to fill a 2 year KLEF Trustee position.
     Past District Governor David Moose and Past International Director Tom Matney then spoke to the group about Lions Club International Foundation news and the Multiple District 43 Convention to be April 27th in Elizabethtown, KY. 
     Clubs were then invited to announce their upcoming projects. Lion Stanfield represented the Tollesboro Club, mentioning several upcoming events including: Arbor Day Tree Giveaway (trees available beginning March 27th, including 312 free trees including Red Southern Oaks, Black Walnuts, Dogwoods, and Paw-Paws); an appearance by Auntie Annie's Pretzels as a fund-raiser for the Tollesboro Elementary School March 28th; the May 3 through May 5th Spring Trade Days; the 67th Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair July 12th through 20th; the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Horse Show July 26th and 27th. He also announced that April 30th is the 70th Anniversary of the signing of the Club's Charter (1954). 
      Following the presentation of upcoming projects by individuals of those Clubs present, Lion District Governor Steve Pedersen recognized and presented awards. Two members of the Tollesboro Lions Club were among those recognized: Lion Jim Meadows (Lion Meadows could not be present at the Convention) and Lion Craig Stanfield. Numerous other persons who had supported the District Governor during his term of service were also recognized. Door prizes were then presented. The meeting closed with a benediction by District Governor Steve Pedersen.

​​​​Past Projects & Successes

   FOR A COMPLETE LISTING OF THE 2018 THROUGH 2022 TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB PROJECTS AND SUCCESSES, feel free to review or download the stories by clicking on the appropriate buttons below. NOTE: Although small in numbers, our club is a very busy organization. The 2018 stories are 31 pages in Legal Size; the 2019 stories are 71 pages in Letter Size; the 2020 stories are 36 Letter Size pages (and this in a year where our organization -- like all other organizations -- were impacted by the CoronaVirus and the restrictions placed on meetings and gatherings during most of the year), and the 2021 stories consist of 86 pages. Please keep these factors in mind if you decide to print the stories (you might want to print two-sided?). If you want to forward the stories to others by e-mail, they are also quite large - the smallest file download is in excess of 2.3 MB even after being compressed - so it may be wise to submit links to their download locations). NOTE: If you are interested in our Club's History since it's 1954 chartering, a comprehensive history of our organization is available to review or download from our "HISTORY" page. It is VERY LARGE, in excess of 250 pages and with a file size (compressed) exceeding 20 MB and to date ONLY includes the history through June of 2020 (however you may download the 2020 and 2021 histories in their entirety so as to make the History "complete").  NOTE ALSO: From our "HISTORY" page, lots of other files are available to review or download about our organization. Check them out!.

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