UNITY & PRAYER Meetings are held on the grounds each Thursday evening.

The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to encourage everyone to use recommended practices to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. Be conscious about social distancing, wear facemasks when in public spaces, and wear gloves when needed. Wash hands thoroughly and often, and use hand sanitizer when needed. Stay indoors when it is not required to go out and stay away from people if you are not feeling well. Be Safe and Stay HEALTHY!


     At their Monday, June 8th meeting, members of the Tollesboro Lions Club met at their regularly scheduled club meeting to discuss the 2020 TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB FAIR. Invited as a special guest was a member of the Lewis County Health Department, invited to attend in order to inform the membership of the minimum requirements that would be mandated in order to conduct their Annual Lions Club Fair as well as limitations as to what events could be conducted during the fair, as well as what the guidelines would be for admitting spectators, collecting monies, sales of concessions, policing the crowds after they were admitted, and potential actions that could be put in place in the event that activities failed to properly provide for required social distancing and other effects (including the potential for removal from the grounds of parties not complying with the state-mandates, potential closing of the fair during events or prior to the completion of the week's festivities, etc.). After considerable discussions and not finding any way to satisfactorily conduct the fair it was unfortunately decided that the Club could not conduct their annual fair, at least not in July. Therefore a motion was made, properly seconded, and ultimately approved to suspend the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair for the month of July (thus holding out hope that a smaller scale event could be conducted later in the year provided that social distancing guidelines are more relaxed in the late summer/early fall months).  
     The Tollesboro Lions Club organized in Tollesboro in 1954. The Annual Fair has been a local institution since 1958, originally began as a single day of events conducted on the grounds of the Tollesboro High School. The fair today typically would have taken place over a 9 day period (so as to include two weekends) conducted on the 20+ acre Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds. The Annual Fair would have included pageants, motorized events, horse shows, livestock shows and more, as well as the ever popular annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Parade. This year's event would have been the 63rd Annual Fair. The Tollesboro Lions Club Fair is the official Lewis County Fair event. 



Recent Projects and Successes!

FOR A COMPLETE LISTING OF THE 2018 AND 2019 TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB PROJECTS AND SUCCESSES, FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE STORIES TO REVIEW. NOTE: Although small in numbers, our club is a very busy organization. The 2018 stories are 31 pages in Legal Size; the 2019 stories are 71 pages in Letter Size. Please keep these factors in mind if you decide to print the stories (you might want to print two-sided?). If you want to forward the stories to others by e-mail, they are also quite large - in excess of 2.3 and 4.5 Megabytes respectively even after being compressed - so it may be wise to submit links to their download locations).    






      The Tollesboro Lions Club has offered scholarships to THREE local area youth to assist them as they endeavor to further their education. This year, there were eight applications. All of the applicants were deserving individuals and the Club would have loved to have been able to help them all, but finally the Scholarship Committee narrowed the list to three recipients. The 2020 recipients include the following individuals:
           Haleigh Hutchinson, the daughter of Nathan and Kasey Hutchinson of Olivet Church Road who plans to attend Morehead State University in Equine Studies.
           Madison McRoberts, the daughter of Bryan and Tracy McRoberts of Tollesboro who will be attending Morehead State University studying Biochemistry and Physicians Assistant.
           Macy Sue Lewis, the daughter of Kevin and Paula Lewis of Bridgeport Road who plans on attending Morehead State University before transferring to UK to enter their Pharmacy Program. 
      Each of the recipients will receive $300 from the Tollesboro Lions Club to assist them as they further their education. The Tollesboro Lions Club offers their proud support and congratulations to all of this year's recipients, but also to all of the applicants and wish all the best for them as they enter the next important chapter of their young lives and hope that all of them meet their own individual goals and succeed to become successful members of the workplace and society.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club recently expanded their park, acquiring an additional 5.818 acres of land on the east boundary. This parcel does not increase the road frontages of the facility (the Lions Club park already fronts on KY 9, KY 10, and Lions Club Lane), but will permit improvements to the Speed Pull Track as well as the Demolition Derby/Mud Sling track and could improve on-site parking. This parcel will increase the total boundary of the grounds to include approximately 26 acres.


      At the May meeting of the District 43 Kentucky Lions Club, Tollesboro Lions Club member Steven Pedersen was elected as 3rd Vice  District Governor of District 43-Y. The Commonwealth of Kentucky is divided into two districts, District 43-K and District 43-Y. Other officers elected include the following:

DISTRICT 43-K                                                                                            DISTRICT 43-Y

                   District Governor - Joe Mills                                                                                   District Governor - Mack Ferguson
                   First Vice  District Governor - Gary Logan                                                            First Vice District Governor - Danny Melton 
                   Second Vice  District Governor - Jimmy Tipton                                                  Second Vice District Governor - Verna Sharp
                   Third Vice  District Governor - Vacant                                                                  Third Vice  District Governor - Steven Pedersen
                   Council Associate - Janet Knight                                                                          Council Associate - Sheri Friedrich

                   Trustees - Andrei Tunsel, Pam Elrod, William "Bill" Jones, Jr.                        Trustees - Sue Collins, Joseph Lonneman, Cindy Ferguson


       Tollesboro Lions Club Past President (and newly elected Third Vice District Governor) Steven Pedersen recently met Lewis County Lion Basketball Standout Sam O'Keefe to present him with an award as being the 2020 Region 16 Mr Basketball Finalist. The Kentucky Lions Club organization hosts the annual Kentucky Mr. Basketball Tournament. 


   The photo shows Lion Pedersen presenting the award to Sam O'Keefe while Lewis County School Superintendent Jamie Weddington (Sam's uncle) looks on.


      At the May 28th meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the following officers were re-elected as officers for a second consecutive term: President: Lee Thomas; First Vice President: Anthony Wellman; Second Vice President: Denny Hornback; Third Vice President: Jim Meadows; Secretary: Phillip Cropper; Treasurer: Steve Pedersen; Membership Chairperson: Clinton Applegate; LCIF Coordinator: Steve Pedersen; Service Chairperson: Steven Pedersen; Marketing Communications Chairperson: Craig A. Stanfield; Directors 2 Yr. Director: Clinton Applegate; 2 Yr. Director: Craig A. Stanfield; 1 Yr. Director: Paul Hampton; 1 Yr. Director: Charlie Kendall; Tail Twister: Darrell Dixon; Lion Tamer: Daymond Thomas; Immediate Past President: Lee Thomas; Club Administrator: Darrell Dixon.


     The Kentucky Dairy Development Council, partnering with Prairie Farms Dairy Products was present at the Tollesboro Lions Club Tuesday, June 23rd to provide a free box of dairy products to people in need as part of the USDA Covid Food Assistance Program consisting of a Mixed Dairy Box Product Assortment which included a number of fresh Prairie Farms Dairy Products. Included in each box were (2) gallons of 2% milk, (2) 14 oz. UHT Premium Chocolate Milk and (2) 14 oz. UHT Premium Strawberry Milk, 1 lb. French Onion Dip, 1 lb. Sour Cream, (1) box Cream Cheese and (1) 24 Small Curd Cottage Cheese.
     Anyone could receive the dairy product; they simply had to show up. There was no need for identification or proof of residence or need. Vehicles were lined up early, and for a bit it appeared that a long wait would be likely. However once the line began and the volunteers (at least 15 persons, wearing face masks and gloves) started placing a box of the Dairy Goods in each vehicle, the line really started moving quickly. In short order, vehicles arriving later had virtually no wait.
     Dairy products are very healthy as are an important source of essential vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, and Vitamins A, D, and B12.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club became one of three locations for training Monday, June 22nd, for EMERGENCY DISASTER SERVICES, also known as EDS. A large tent and a secondary tent were set up, numerous trailers were put in place to offer training in the event of a need to provide for disaster assistance in the need of an emergency. Services included emergency lighting, the placement of numerous portapotties, a hand-washing and shower house set up, as well as other necessary items that would be needed and necessary in the event of a disaster.
      Emergency Disaster Services, or EDS, was established in 1989. While their corporate offices are in Lexington, KY, a significant number of their mobile units are stored in Maysville, KY. Emergency Disaster Services has set up to provide for assistance for 32 storms, and have provided for 621,541 meals. They can quickly mobilize and deploy to locate in areas where a disaster has struck and provide portable trailers which can provide temporary living quarters; mobile sleeping units; portable kitchen facilities; basic washing, laundry and bathing facilities; emergency management control headquarters (office trailers/base camp/base of operations); and communications services in the event of a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, flooding, or other (including non-weather related) disaster. Services can include emergency potable water sources, restroom facilities, bathing facilities, power sources, cellular phone communication tower units, WI-FI services, emergency lighting, and other infrastructure in an area where permanent infrastructure is down, damaged, or otherwise inoperable.


     The photo shows just a portion of the number of training equipment trailers setup on the grounds of the Tollesboro Lions Club Monday, June 22nd. The top photo shows one of the emergency washing facilities providing for a place to wash hands and face set up on the outside with shower facilities available inside. These units can also include laundry facilities. The middle photo shows a number of the sleeping berths which can range from units to accommodate a single individual or family to those offering 8 individualized bedroom units, to those offering simple sleeping berths for up to 42 persons. The bottom unit shows the large tent which had been set up to accommodate the training operation, as well as one of their many office trailer units.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club met Monday, January 13th, 2020 for their first meeting of 2020. Following the opening of the meeting with Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the club had a meal and then met to discuss business.
        In the absence of the Secretary, no minutes were discussed; however the last business meeting would have been in Nov., 2019, as the December meeting of the Club consisted of a non-business Christmas Party at Caproni's in Maysville, December 9th, which was a very nice event, well attended, with good food and which included entertainment by the Moron Brothers Bluegrass and Comedy Team.
       Under Old Business, at the November meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, the Club voted to support the placement of a Historical Marker at the Tollesboro High School. The Tollesboro High School was built in the 1937 (however was constructed upon the site of the Tollesboro Consolidated School which was constructed in 1921) and served the Tollesboro Community as part of the Lewis County Educational System through 1994. The Tollesboro Lions Club purchased the property from the Lewis County School Board and permitted the property to serve the community as a Christian School and a Food Pantry, before eventually conveying the property to the Tollesboro Christian School Inc. where it continued to serve the community, until the Christian School was closed in 2012, with the Food Pantry still in operation at the site to current days. Most of the membership of the Tollesboro Lions Club graduated from the Tollesboro High School, or had family who taught at or graduated from the facility (the Tollesboro Lions Club's First President, Charles M. Hughes, was a Principal of the Tollesboro High School), and the Club owned the property for a period following the closure of the school and through the organizational years of the Tollesboro Christian School. As the property approaches it's 100th Year (considering the construction date of the Tollesboro Consolidated Schools of 1921) of service to the Tollesboro community, it was brought up that the property should be honored with a historical marker. The Club therefore unanimously voted in support of a Historical Marker to be placed at the location of the Tollesboro High School, and further authorized the preparation of a resolution in support of the Historical Marker placement, as well as authorizing Lion Stanfield to prepare the necessary paperwork for submitting the proposal to the Kentucky Historical Society for their consideration. Lion Stanfield has prepared a resolution to Lion President Lee Thomas for his signature. 
        In regular business, the first item to be discussed was the recent attendance at the 2020 Annual Convention of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows held at the Galt House in Louisville, January 9th, 10th, and 11th. Tollesboro Lions Club members Steve Pedersen and Clinton Applegate attended the event. The Tollesboro Lions Club provided 3 knives for the Charlie Kachler Memorial Auction event, two of which sold at auction and one which was raffled (the two knives sold at auction each brought in excess of $100 each). At the business meeting held on the last day of the event, January 11th, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair was recognized and honored with an award by the by the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows as the recipient of the 2019 Class A Catalog Award (Newspaper Print). As Lion Pedersen had left the event Saturday morning, Tollesboro Lions Club member Clinton Applegate was still on hand to attend the business meeting, and thus was available to represent the Tollesboro Lions Club and receive the Award at the Event. Lion Applegate brought the award to the meeting Monday night and presented it to the membership. 

Tollesboro Lions Club Member Clinton Applegate (on left) receiving the 2019 Class A Catalog Award (Newspaper Print) on behalf of the Tollesboro Lions Club at the 2020 Annual Convention of Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows, Jan. 11, 2020. 

       Also at the Annual Convention of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows, it was determined that the Tollesboro Lions Club is eligible to apply for a Division of Fairs grant, a  75-25 matching grant, with applications due by Oct. 1st. In-kind labor can be considered as part of the match. It was discussed that permanent bleacher improvements at the Mud Sling/Demolition Derby Track would be a much needed improvement, as well as replacement of the announcer's booth (however it is planned to replace the announcer's booth prior to this year's fair, well before the deadline for submission of projects for grant consideration in October). It was also determined at the Annual Convention that we should be able to receive partial reimbursement for the costs of putting on the Pony and Mule Pull event which has had a successful showing at the fair the last 2 years.
       Always a topic at the Annual Convention is how to improve our fair and what new events may be added to increase the number of fair attendees during our July Event. Clinton brought up the possibility of adding Wrestling Matches to the Event Schedule; he was in contact with a number of Wrestling Match promoters/organizers during the Convention. Discussions will continue through the Fair Board to determine whether the costs of adding such an event are feasible.
       When discussing the 2020 Fair, discussion began on how to honor Veterans at the Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair. Also discussed was an event during the fair to permit Special Needs Children to ride carnival rides one day during the Fair. 
       Lion Larry Tucker reported about a recent donation that the Tollesboro Lions Club had made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. Recent research has been successful that has permitted patients from glucose level monitoring requiring manual administration of insulin to automated monitoring with automated administration of insulin.
       Lion Craig Stanfield notified the Club that the 2019 Year In Review was posted on the Tollesboro Lions Club website, www.tollesborolions.com. The Year in Review includes stories and photographs of many of the projects and programs that the Tollesboro Lions Club was involved with throughout 2019. The 2019 Year In Review consisted of a 71 page letter-sized booklet available for download or print. It is a large file, 4.5 MB in size (compressed). The 2018 Year In Review is also available for download from the website, and it consisted of 31 pages and is just under 2.5 MB in size (compressed), however it was prepared for printing on legal size paper.  It was also brought up that, for those who have not reviewed the website, that there are numerous files available for download describing the growth and history of the Club, available for review or download from the "History of the Tollesboro Lions Club" webpage. 


       At the February 10th meeting of the Tollesboro Lions Club, members were treated with a presentation by Hospice of Hope Director of Home Care Services Kayla Hay and Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Strode (Kayla is a grand-daughter of Lion Phil Cropper; Melanie was the 2010 Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Queen) who discussed services offered by Hospice of Hope.

     Founded in 1988, Hospice of Hope is a non-profit community based organization providing services and support to terminally ill persons. Hospice of Hope operates two hospice care centers with a 5 bed facility located in Mt. Orab, Adams Co., Ohio and an 8 bed facility in Maysville, KY. The organization covers a 4,200 sq. mile area serving 6 Kentucky counties (Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, Mason, Pendleton and Robertson Counties, KY) and 6 Ohio Counties (Adams, Brown, Clermont, Clinton, Highland and Pike Counties, OH). Hospice of Hope offers 24/7 support, highly skilled nursing care with an emphasis on symptom management and end of life care, offering services at home in nursing home and at hospital care rooms and long-term care facilities, including care at their two in-patient centers in Maysville and Adams County. They offer medication deliveries to patient homes, ad offer volunteer companionship, transportation services, small errands (including cleaning and laundry services) short inpatient respite care with principal caregiver needs relief, personal care (bathing dressing wounds, feeding, light household duties) emotional support through licensed social workers, spiritual support by non-denominational chaplains, bereavement and follow up support, grief counseling, and even pet therapy (bringing dogs into the home as well as into their support centers). Hospice of Hope accepts referrals by family, friends, the patient, health care facility or physician. While many think that Hospice only serves cancer patients, that is not true: They will provide services to anyone diagnosed with an incurable disease with life-limiting prognosis. A significant portion of  Hospice care is provided by volunteers who are thoroughly vetted by a process including an interview, training, and a number of other requirements such as criminal background and driving history checks. Following the presentation, the Club offered a space during the fair to Hospice to provide additional exposure to the organization. 


      On Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, members of the Tollesboro Lions Club attended a luncheon and mill tour at International Paper’s Maysville, Ky. Mill. The Tollesboro Lions Club, as well as the Kentucky Gateway Museum, Mason County Women’s Crisis Center, Tom Browning Boys and Girls Club, Licking Valley College Development Corporation, St. Patrick School, Maysville Rotary Club, Bracken County Athletic Department, and the Mason County Intermediate School were each represented as recipients of 2019 International Paper Foundation Grants. International Paper contributed grants to these nine organizations in 2019 totaling $50,000!
     Representatives from each organization were invited to explain what the funds received were utilized for.  All organizations made good use of the grants donated by International Paper, and it was interesting to hear how each organization used the funding they received. While the nine recipients used the grant funds in different ways, all were utilized for the improvement of lives throughout the region, in Bracken, Lewis, and Mason County. All grants also fell under one of International Paper’s signature causes: Education, Hunger, Health and Wellness, Environmental Initiatives and other critical community needs. The Tollesboro Lions Club funds are to be used for walking track improvements/repaving at their Community Park at Tollesboro. 
     The group of community members learned about the history of International Paper and it' s local operation in Maysville. International Paper was organized in 1898. They now have 52,000 employees serving 25,000 customers in 150 countries. The Maysville Mill was built by Temple Inland in 1992. It was purchased by International Paper in 2012. The Maysville Mill has approximately 200 employees and uses 100% recycled containerboard for the production of paperboard that is used for corrugated boxes and shipping containers. Since the 2012 purchase, International Paper has committed to the future of the Maysville Mill operation by investing in updating the facility to improve efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship.
      The visitors representing the nine organizations then dressed in safety gear before embarking on the mill tour. The tour of the mill was a fascinating process to view, with lots of information exchanged and questions asked and answered about the operation.
     International Paper employees that spoke to the group included Mill Manager Doug Wadley, Finished Products Manager Micah Evans, Purchasing Manager Kenny Johnson, Environmental Health and Safety Manager Mike Tumey, Human Resources Manager Becky Mullikin, and Communications Coordinator Heather Smeltser.
     The Tollesboro Lions Club sincerely appreciates the grant provided by International Paper to permit on-going improvements to the Tollesboro Community Park Walking Track. It is through partnerships such as this that allow nonprofit organizations to thrive and play a more substantial part in the lives of the residents of the communities they serve. THANK YOU INTERNATIONAL PAPER!!!!


     The Tollesboro Lions Club Annual Fair will not be conducted this year due to Covid-19 restrictions/regulations. HOWEVER, the Tollesboro Lions Club Horse Show will proceed this Friday Rocky Mountain Horse Show, Mule Race, Road Ponies and Road Horses (July 17) and Saturday Walking Horse and Pleasure Horses (July 18). There will be 25 classes conducted Friday evening and 32 classes on Saturday evening. Contact Paul Hampton with questions at (606) 798-6247 or (606) 541-9991, or by email: paulhampton61@yahoo.com. 


      On Monday, July 13, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club met for their regular meeting. Several items were discussed, including several events to be conducted upon the fairgrounds (attendees are urged to practice social distancing and to bring and wear masks as well as to bring and use hand-sanitizer while on the grounds in order to protect themselves and the people with whom they interact with while on the fairgrounds to attend these upcoming events). 
      This weekend (Friday July 17 and Saturday July 18) there will be a Horse Show (Friday evening will include 25 classes for Rocky Mountain Horse classes, the Mule Race, and classes for Road Ponies and Road Horses; Saturday evening will feature 32 classes including Walking Horses and Pleasure Horse classes). For additional information, contact Paul Hampton (606) 541-9991.
       On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club will be the site of the District Dairy Show. For questions, contact Clinton Applegate (606) 782-2884.
       On Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club will be the site of the Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. For questions, contact Jim Meadows (606) 798-3276.  
       On Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club will conduct a Mud Sling. For additional information, contact T. J. Palmer 606 407-5733.
       As an additional positive note, Jennifer Meadows was present at the meeting to inform the Tollesboro Lions Club that she and her brother Mark Ripato, the children of Betty Ripato (beloved Tollesboro citizen, steadfast supporter and attendee of the Tollesboro Lions Club Fair, who passed away earlier this year) desire to repay the Tollesboro Lions Club the $45,000 purchase price the Club recently incurred to purchase an adjoining 5.818 acres of land, asking in return only that a memorial be placed upon the property in memory of Betty Ripato. The Tollesboro Lions Club heartily endorsed the idea and appreciated the donation in honor of Betty Ripato. 
       With no further business, the meeting adjourned.


Photos from the 2020 Tollesboro Lions Club Fair Horse Show Friday Evening Event

     On Friday, July 17th and Saturday July 18th, the Tollesboro Lions Club held their Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Horse Show. Although the remainder of the fair has been canceled (or at least postponed) due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions, the Horse Show was able to go on as scheduled to carry the load and title of the 63 Annual Tollesboro Lions Club Fair.
     The Friday evening event included 25 classes for Rocky Mountain Horse classes, the Mule Race, and classes for Road Ponies and Road Horses; the Saturday evening featured 33 classes including Walking Horses and Pleasure Horse classes.
     Although spectators and the number of persons showmen were permitted to bring were limited due to the restrictions placed upon the event by the Commonwealth (due to the Coronavirus Pandemic), showmen and horses came out to this event (one of the few horse shows this year as many had canceled altogether due to the restrictions and limitations in place). They parked their trailers distanced from each other, practiced social distancing, had a good time and put on a good show.
     Friday night's event included B Sanctioned Rocky Mountain Horse Show Events, as well as a Mule Race, Road Pony competitions, and other classes (RMHA, SCHA, KAOFHS), KHBIF), Judge Sue Hughes.
     On Saturday evening, the Walking Horse Show was presented with 33 classes (KWHA, CKHSA, SSHAK, EKWRHA, WKHA-HIO), Judge Donnie Oppenheimer.
     The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to thank all the exhibitors and spectators who attended the horse show, but especially all of the businesses and individuals who sponsored the classes to permit our organization to host this event and make the event a success.


      On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the Tollesboro Lions Club was the site of the 2020 District Dairy Show.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club met Monday evening, August 10, 2020 at 7:00 for their normal meeting at the Tollesboro Lions Club Clubhouse located at the Tollesboro Lions Club. 
      President Lee Thomas opened the meeting with 15 members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lion Charlie Kendall; Lion Phil Cropper led the blessing. A fine meal was then had.
      After the meal, the business meeting was opened. The minutes from the last meeting were read by Secretary Phil Cropper and approved. The Treasurer's Report was read by Treasurer Steve Pedersen and approved. Included in the Treasurer's report was a note that the Club had received a donation of $45,000 from the family of Betty Ripato to reimburse the Club the costs of recently acquired acreage the Club had recently acquired (the Tollesboro Lions Club expanded their fairgrounds earlier this year, acquiring 5.818 acres of adjacent acreage; the Club plans to honor Betty's memory with a memorial to be included on the newly acquired tract of land). The Treasurer also noted that the Lewis County Farm Bureau, which held their Annual meeting at the fairgrounds August 6th, had donated $5,000 to the Club to assist with operations to offset some of the loss of revenue the Club suffered by having to cancel the Annual Fair this year, the Club's largest fund-raiser. The Lewis County Farm Bureau has been a huge supporter of the Tollesboro Lions Club for many years and has contributed many times to the Club's projects and fairgrounds improvements. 
       It was noted that improvements to the newly acquired tract of land were already under way with Kenton Meadows donating time and equipment to improve the site so as to provide for an improved Mud Sling track just in time for this weekend's Mud Sling Event! The Mud Sling event is scheduled for Saturday, August 15th, 7 pm., with admission to be $10 / person (under 5 free). Spectators are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing while on the fairgrounds. Concessions will be available. 
       President Lee Thomas then informed those present that he had been approached by a business about placing a sign on the fence along the AA Hwy. It was discussed, a motion made and approved to permit additional signage for a cost of $250 / 6 month term for up to a 4' x 8' space, with the business to provide their own signage.
       Lion Tanner Hord made a motion to hold a Tug Pull on the grounds September 11th and 12th; the motion was seconded and approved.
       Lion President Lee Thomas indicated that he had been approached about the possibility of the Club hosting Dirt Drags and a Demolition Derby. It was decided to see how the Mud Sling progressed this weekend before committing to these events. 
         Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


    The Tollesboro Lions Club, with help from the Lewis County Health Department as to how to safely put on a motorized event during the Covid-19 Pandemic, conducted a Mud Sling Saturday evening, August 15, 2020. The crowds were encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing, bleachers were marked off with lanes to enter and exit, concessions served with lines marking 6' distances, etc. 
    The event was conducted on the Fairgrounds in the location where the Mud Sling has always been held, however on a newly updated track enlarged by the recent acquisition of land that the Lions Club had acquired and which the heirs of Betty Ripato paid for in Betty's memory and honor!! While renovations of this newly acquired tract of land are ongoing, Kenton Meadows has donated his expertise to begin clearing and renovations of the acquired acreage to extend the mud sling track, allowing the vehicles to run in the opposite direction, creating a much longer and safer track allowing additional distance for the higher powered/high octane vehicles to slow down by changing the direction of the run to a north to south run whereas in the past it has been a south to north run. 
     A good crowd was present on the grounds as people just wanted to get out and see a show! The Lions Club was thankful for the support, as due to the cancellation of most of this year's Fair Events, our main fund-raiser, we needed to host some kind of event for the benefit of the community but also just to keep funds flowing. The event was scheduled to begin at 7 pm, but due to the number of vehicles that showed up to enter and compete, coupled with the time it takes to enter into the various classes, the event began at 8 pm. The event was opened by a recorded rendition of the National Anthem to which everyone stood proudly and not a single knee was taken! The announcer indicated that the event was dedicated and named the Chris Mineer Memorial Mud Sling in honor of the son of a long-time participant who had passed away recently and plaques were presented to Stanley Mineer and Hoss Tully in memory of Chris Mineer at the beginning of the event.  
     Fords, Chevys, Jeeps, even a few ATVs and custom vehicles showed up to compete to spin through the pit while throwing mud into the air as drivers pushed their vehicles to the limit. The smell of burning rubber, smoke, and leaking hot antifreeze occasionally wafted above the noise as engines, transmissions, transaxles, and spinning tires played their tunes accompanied by the roar of the crowd who appreciated the show and spectacle! Die-hard seasoned veterans, shop tinkerers, mechanics, young men, even a few women competed (and even won!) to show off their vehicles and driving skills! 
      There were 7 classes. There were 22 entries in the Pure Stock class; 14 entries in the 4/6 Cylinder class, 13 entries in the Hot Stock. The Pro Street Class had 6 entries as did the Super Stock class. The Pro-Stock class had 2 entries and there were 4 entries in the Powder Puff class for 67 total entries! The event lasted from 8 pm until midnight. Results (placing and speed/time) are as follows: 
      Pure Stock - 1st Angie Chasteen 4.284; 2nd Marvin Tully 4.524; 3rd Jerry Moran 4.840.
      4/6 Cylinder - 1st Randy Moran 3.768; 2nd Harvey Miller 3.917; 3rd Mose Miller 4.183.
      Hot Stock - 1st Jessica Hall 3.160; 2nd Stanley Mineer 3.244; 3rd Ralph Van Winkle 3.313. 
      Pro Street - 1st Shea Curtis 2.841; 2nd Stanley Mineer 2.872; 3rd Branden Henderson 2.882.
      Super Stock - 1st Garrett Conn 2.768; 2nd Troy Nolder 2.938; 3rd Stanley Mineer 2.997. 
      Pro Stock - 1st Joshua Turner 2.825; James Hall 2.977.
      Powder Puff - 1st Jessica Palmer 3.987; 2nd Hannah Miller 4.197; 3rd Tenisha Nolder 4.650.
      The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to thank the following sponsors without whom events like this could not take place: Jason Calvert/Calvert Racing Engines; Brown County Construction; Rip's Farm Center; Matthew Meadows/Relentless Transportation; Jack McCane/McCane Automotive Rear Ends; David Hampton; David Tully/Zach Tully/David Tully Backhoe & Rock Hauling/Tully Logging; Harvey Miller; Tanner Hord; Lee Thomas; Denny Hornback; Hawk Wildlife Predator/Marty Voiers; Linda Breeze and Wayne Brown; Pro Mechanical Services West Union, OH; Threads & Ink/Tony & Debbie Hunt; Daymond Thomas/Tully Transport; Pollitt Trucking; and Leonard Mason Farms. 


     In the above photo collage, Tyler Cooper of Tollesboro on his Case tricycle heads to the front of the sled to hook up. To the right, several tractors, trucks and trailers are visible as well as the announcer's booth. In the bottom left, a participant on his John Deere tractor prepares to back up to unhook from the sled after getting a full pull. In the center, Tollesboro Lions Club members Clinton Applegate, Charlie Kendall, and Steve Pedersen are shown in front of a vintage International Farmall tractor that participated in the event (not shown in this photo, but visible in the photo to the left is Tollesboro Lions Club member Tanner Hord behind the sled officiating). Far right, Angie Black and Robbie Graves are shown, who volunteered announcing and record-keeping duty at the event. ​
     The Tollesboro Lions Club hosted a Tug Tractor Pull Saturday, Sept. 12th. The event began at 11 am. More than ninety entries competed in the first class, the 3500 lb. to 6000 lb. class. Winners received cash prizes and trophies. In determining the winners, there are percentage winners (the winner being the tractor pulling the sled with the highest percentage of the tractor's weight the greatest distance) and heavy load winners (the tractor pulling the greatest weight the longest distance). First Place Percentage was won by Tyler Cooper on a Case 630 tractor; Second Place Percentage went to Jerry Ross on a John Deere A; third went to Bobby Sutton driving a Long 445 tractor; and fourth percentage went to Robbies Graves aboard an Allis Chalmers D17. Heavy Load honors went to Jerry Ross on a John Deere 40; 2nd place went to Jerry Ross on a John Deere B; Robbie Graves took third on an Allis Chalmers WD, and John Young took fourth on an Allis Chalmers WD45. 
     A second class, with tractors weighing from 6000 to 9000 pounds proceeded following the end of the first class. There were over 60 entries, but heavy rains put an end to the event, raining it out, requiring a drawing to determine the winners. 
     As a number of Lions Club members had other plans and could not be present, Robbie Graves and Angie Black volunteered to announce and keep the records and the Club is very appreciative of their service. 


     The Tollesboro Lions Club met Monday, Sept. 14, 2020 for their regular September meeting.  In the absence of President Lee Thomas, Vice President Anthony Wellmon opened the meeting. Lion Charlie Kendall led the group with the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Larry Tucker led the group in prayer, the Club then enjoyed dinner before beginning the business part of the meeting. After eating, Secretary Phil Cropper read the minutes and Treasurer Steve Pedersen reported on the Club's finances. It was reported that Al and Sue Jane Bane had donated $200 to the Club and that the Carter House paid $250 to place a sign advertising their restaurant on the Lions Club fence for 6 months. The Club was informed about the successes of the Club's recent activities, the Horse Show, Mud Sling, and this past weekend's Tug Tractor Pull. Lion T. J. Palmer indicated that the Club could host a Mud Sling October 10; however he indicated that the Club would need to purchase a 3 pt. hitch tractor tiller. The Club voted to purchase the tiller and conduct a Mud Sling October 10th. Lion Tanner Hord indicated that he could conduct an additional Tug Tractor Pull October 3rd. This event was also approved. There had been two PRAYER & UNITY meetings conducted upon the fairgrounds and that these meetings would continue weekly on Thursday evenings and that at last week's event at least 10 local churches participated. Under new business, the Club voted to apply for a grant through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Division of Fairs to attempt to secure an 80-20 grant to provide for additional improvements to the Fairgrounds, including electrical upgrades, LED lighting upgrades/replacement, paving, and other site improvements, to apply for $25,000 for a $30,000 project. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.   


        The Tollesboro Lions Club hosted a Tug Tractor Pull Saturday, October 3rd. There were two classes, a 3,500 to 6,000 lb. class and a 6,000 to 9,000 lb. class. Contestants competed for two honors, the percentage pull (the percentage indicated being the heaviest load pulled the longest distance by the lightest tractor) and heavy load (the heaviest load pulled the longest distance, regardless of the weight of the tractor, however with a gross weight of the tractor not to exceed that of 6,000 lbs. for Class I and 9,000 lbs. for Class II, with the weight excluding that of the driver). Tractors were weighed before the event, with competitors drawing for position of when they would hook to the sled, with the drawbar of the tractor set at a certain height. They would hitch to the sled and have two "hooks" (hitches) in which to pull the weighted sled 10', which would result in a "full pull" permitting the contestant to advance to the next round. After each round, additional weight (1,500 lbs.) would be added to the sled, and those competitors that had full pulls in the previous round would hitch up again in the same order as the previous round. This would continue until percentage winners were determined as well as heavy load winners were determined (however the same tractor may only place one time, regardless of the number of contestants who pulled it). Contestants competed for cash prizes and trophies, but most important bragging rights! Many tractor manufacturers were represented with John Deere, Ford, International Harvester/Farmall, Duetz, Allis Chalmers, Long, Case, and Oliver tractors included in the competition. 
        The first class had 140 ENTRIES and the second class had 88 ENTRIES!!! The event, which started Saturday morning at 11:00 am, extended through the evening into the next morning, ending at 6:30 AM!!! Driving by the grounds, one would readily notice that an event was going on as the parking lot was covered with trucks and trailers which had delivered the many tractors which participated in the event, and there was also a small dedicated crowd in the stands to watch and root on their favorites as well! Several members of the Lions Club members performed various duties during the event (cooking food, preparing and selling concessions, weighing and signing in the participants, checking drawbar heights, etc.), with Tanner Hord and Clinton Applegate organizing the event and Steve Pedersen organizing Concessions. However the  Club extends a special thank you to Robbie Graves and Angie Black, both of Fleming County, for volunteering their time and energies to clerical/record-keeping as well as announcing duties at the event. 
         Class 1 Percentage Winner Jerry Ross on John Deere "B"; 2nd Place Jerry Ross on a John Deere 40; 3rd Place Rick Kalb on an Allis Chalmers WD17; and 4rth Place Tanner Hord on an International/Farmall Super "C". Class 1 Heavy Load Winner Jerry Ross on a John Deere "A"''; 2nd place Jacob Hesler on a John Deere 2030; 3rd place Jeff McVey on a Long 445; and Tyler Cooper on a Case 630.
         Class 2 Percentage Winner Ashley Black on an International/Farmall "M"; 2nd Steve Smathers on an International/Farmall 400; 3rd John Zornes on a Long 445; and 4th Taylor Hesler on a John Deere 3020. Class 2 Heavy Load Winner Roger Neal on a Duetz; Hunter Sheeley on a John Deere "A"; Rick Kalb on an International/Farmall 706; and Bob Lykins on a Case/David Brown 870.

       In the above photo collage: Top Row, left: Shayla Robinson of Fleming Co., KY has her Oliver 770 "up in the air" with front wheels off the ground. Right: Dylan Colliver with his International Farmall M in action. Middle Row, left: Austin Howard with his John Deere 50 making a full pull. Middle row, right: Tyler Cooper of Tollesboro on his Case 630 with a full pull to advance to the next round. Bottom Row, left: Little 3 yr. old Kennedy Cropper of Mays Lick finds her a seat thinking she'd be able to do this when she is 5!!! Bottom left, Jerry Ross on his John Deere makes the cut.  


      On Monday, October 12th, the Tollesboro Lions Club hosted two meetings, the regular October meeting of the organization, as well as the Quarterly Zone Meeting for Region II, Zone 3 of the Lions Clubs of Kentucky. The Zone includes eight Lions Club organizations in the local area, including Tollesboro and Vanceburg in Lewis County, and Maysville, Mays Lick, Lewisburg/Millcreek, Sardis, Orangeburg in Mason County. Tollesboro Lions Club Member Clinton Applegate is the current Zone Chairman. Three clubs were in attendance, Tollesboro the host club with 11 members present; the Vanceburg Lions Club with 5 members present; and the Orangeburg Lions Club with 3 members and 2 children present. 
       The meeting opened with Tollesboro Lions Club President presiding, with Tollesboro Lions Club member Charles Kendall leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Tollesboro Lions Club member Steve Pedersen giving the benediction. Then President Lee Thomas vacated the chair to Tollesboro Lions Club member and Zone Chairman Clinton Applegate who introduced Regional Zone Chairman Chuck Carlson of Florence Lions Club and then invited all guests to introduce themselves, followed by introduction of the Tollesboro Lions Club members. Members present from the Vanceburg Lions Club included Roger Brown, Lloyd Spear, Tim Bowden, Mike Edington and Cary Cagle (Roger Brown and Tim Bowden of the Vanceburg Club are Past District Governors). Members present from the Orangeburg Lions Club included Mary Toller, Donald Toller and Sarah McKibben (the two children were Jackson Robbins and Alexis Robbins). Members present from the Tollesboro Lions Club included President Lee Thomas, Zone Chairman Clinton Applegate, Steve Pedersen, Charlie Kendall, Larry Tucker, Jim Meadows, Daymond Thomas, Denny Hornback, Tanner Hord, Jeff Huff and Craig Stanfield. Then the meeting was broken up for dinner, provided by the Tollesboro Lions Club and served by Skeeter and Sonia Shaw which was enjoyed by all. 
      After the Meal, the Zone meeting was opened up with Zone Chairman Clinton Applegate presiding. He immediately invited Regional Zone Chairman Chuck Carlson to address the group. He encouraged groups to meet during the pandemic, keeping Lions Clubs active, visible, viable, reachable and responsive; to keep meeting either in person, by phone, Zoom, or even socially distanced within a parking lot if necessary. He inquired of each club that was represented as to how they were meeting, how they were providing services, encouraged the collection of eyeglasses for recycling, and how the pandemic had impacted fund-raising. 
       The Orangeburg Lions Club reported that they were still meeting, but had reduced the number of meetings to once per month. They were still collecting eye-glasses for recycling, providing funding to those in need for eye exams and eyeglasses, and had presented a number of scholarships this year. They also reported that they had not been able to conduct any fund-raisers to date, but have committed to a drive-thru chili supper scheduled as well as the raffle of a rifle for which they had just started selling tickets (which resulted in a number of tickets being sold at the meeting).   
        The Vanceburg Lions Club reported that they are still meeting twice a month. They had to cancel their Fall Festival and were still hopeful to host their annual basketball tournament in January of 2021. They also were still collecting eyeglasses for recycling, were providing funding for eye-examinations and eyeglasses assistance, and had also presented a number of scholarships this year.
         The Tollesboro Lions Club reported that they had hosted a horse show and a mud sling event in July in lieu of their annual fair, had a Tug Tractor Pull in September as well as in October, would host a Mud Sling October 17th, and potentially a Demolition Derby in late October or early November (still in the works). They had provided for 3 scholarships this year, had expanded their grounds by the addition of 5.818 acres, were collecting eye-glasses for recycling as well as providing for eye exams and assistance with eyeglasses. The Tollesboro Lions Club has also reduced the number of meetings to one per month. 
         Regional Zone Chairman indicated that the Florence Lions Club was staying active, that their fund-raising efforts were impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions on meetings (they own a large hall and hosts weddings, reunions and other gatherings which had to be canceled this year), were still collecting eyeglasses for recycling, providing for scholarships and assistance with eye-exams and eyeglasses for those in need. He encouraged all clubs to support the KLEF (Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation) and challenged all clubs to gain at least one new member. Tollesboro Lions Club Member and Third Vice District Governor Steve Pedersen passed out pins from the USA-CANADA Forum (which was to have been conducted in Louisville this year, but which was reduced to a series of virtual meetings due to Covid-19 restrictions) to all members in attendance. Zone Chairman Clinton Applegate then closed the meeting allowing visitors to depart before turning over the meeting to Tollesboro Lions Club President Lee Thomas to conduct the Tollesboro Lions Club business meeting.
        As Secretary Phil Cropper was absent, Lion Club member Craig Stanfield provided a report of the last meeting which was approved. Lion Club Treasurer Steve Pedersen then provided a brief Treasurer's Report, basically to inform the Club about the success of the October Tug Tractor Pull.
        Under Old Business, Craig Stanfield reported that the Club had applied for a 75-25 grant through the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Division of Fairs for funds to make improvements to the fairgrounds, mostly for electrical and utility upgrades, blacktopping and fencing, mostly to develop the 5.818 acres of additional acreage acquired this year.  
        Lions Pedersen and Stanfield reported that walking track blacktop improvements were to be performed soon, the bulk of which was paid for by a grant through International Paper from 2019.
        It was discussed that trash had been picked up following the recent Tug Tractor Pull and discussions were made regarding turning off water and turning on heat in the clubhouse and restrooms for the winter months, but that we had a Mud Sling event scheduled for this Saturday and that Lion T. J. Palmer (who was not present) was considering hosting a demolition derby. Lion Tanner Hord also discussed a possible late Tug Tractor Pull with only one class and a different format than that used October 3rd.
         Lion Craig Stanfield reported that he had a discussion with retiring County Judge Executive Todd Ruckel regarding a grant for the playground for an improved surface like that installed at the Pinnacle Park Playground in Garrison; Lion Stanfield informed the Club that Judge Ruckel had indicated that he would insure that Lewis County would apply for the grant when the next round of surface covering grants were opened. 
         Lion Jim Meadows had obtained a donation of $5,000 through the Lewis County Farm Bureau for improvements to the fairgrounds. The Lewis County Farm Bureau has made extensive contributions to the Tollesboro Lions Club fairgrounds over the past few years resulting in a number of structural improvements, especially to the Livestock Show Barn and with regards to the installation of the playground.
        Lion Larry Tucker had donated 4 new sliding glass windows to the Club which would be used when a new announcer's stand is constructed at the Mud Sling/Demolition Derby track. 
        Lion Clinton Applegate presented the Club with Skeeter Shaw's proposal for 2021 Trade Days Events: Spring Days April 30th through May 2nd; Summer Days June 18th through 21st; Fall Days September 10th through 12th.  
        With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 


     On Saturday, October 17th, the Tollesboro Lions Club hosted a Mud Sling. 
     The event was organized by Tollesboro Lions Club member T. J. Palmer and consisted of 6 classes with 36 entries participating.
     A decent sized crowd gathered to watching with expectation of troubles, but also to cheer on their favorites and listed to the sound of victory as the participants tested their vehicles speeding them through the mud pit, launching mud and smoke in the air only to be directed back down to earth like a heavy rain, while the smells of antifreeze, burning exhaust and the occasional smell of nitrous filled the air, mixed with the sounds of powerful - sometimes overheated - engines, strained transmission and transfer cases, as contestants tested their vehicles, with occasional delays brought on by a breakdown (front or rear axles, U-joints, power shafts) or more severe problems (front or rear end failure, or failure of an engine or transmission) requiring the shameful removal of a vehicle from the pit by the pull of a bulldozer!  
     Class 1, the Pro-Stock class only had one entry, Preston Thomas of Tennessee the only competitor. However he did not disappoint, speeding through the mud quickly to the crowd's delight.
     Class 2, the Pro-Street class had 3 entries, with Alex Bruce taking first, with Brandon Henderson settling for second and Stanley Mineer taking third.
     Class 3, the Hot Stock class, had 10 entries and the contestants put on a show, with Gavon Palmer taking first, second going to Jessica Hall, and third taken by Troy Smith.
     Class 4, the Super Stock class had 5 entries, with Troy Nolder with the fastest time taking first, Stanley Mineer taking second, and Paul Bruce taking third.
     Class 5, the Pure Stock class had 14 entries and was won by Larry Hill with Angie Chasteen taking second and Stanley Mineer settling for third.
     In Class 6, the 4/6 cylinder class, John Osborne had the time to beat, taking first, with Harvey Miller settling for second and Ryan Nolder taking third. 
    The Tollesboro Lions Club would like to thank Robbie Graves who announced the event, and all of their sponsors: Mineer Logging, Calvert Racing Engines, Brown County Construction, Relentless Transport, Cooper Livestock Hauling, Moncy and Emmons Trucking, Mt. Carmel Repair, Days Fun Foods, Rip's Farm Center, David Hampton, Sammy Applegate/DoubleAA Trucking, Ang & Monk's Diner, Palmer Equipment, Zack Tully (who operated the dozer), and Tully Logging.


      (Note: The following event was conducted by the Tollesboro Volunteer Fire Department who organized the event and contacted the local fire departments to encourage their participation. The Tollesboro Lions Club offered their support, the event began at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds and Tollesboro Lions Club members assisted in lining up the participants and taking photos, as well as preparing the press release relative thereto). 

      A good crowd braved the cool temperatures Sunday Oct. 18th to watch a huge parade and show their support and thanks to Gary Thomas, a Tollesboro resident who had been a member of the Tollesboro Fire Department for 56 years, 35 of which he served as Fire Chief. The Parade was coordinated and planned by the Tollesboro Volunteer Fire Department which contacted local fire departments to encourage them to attend, to bring out their fire trucks and rescue vehicles to show their support for Gary. Parade participants met at the Tollesboro Lions Club at 1 o'clock to line up, with the parade starting at 2 pm, which extended from the Tollesboro Lions Club easterly along KY 10 through the center of town to the Citizens Deposit Bank and Trust, before turning around and returning to the Tollesboro Lions Club. The Lewis County Sheriff's office led the parade followed by Gary Thomas in the Tollesboro VFD Suburban vehicle. Fire stations represented included (Lewis County): Camp Dix, KY 377, Black Oak, Kinniconick, Tollesboro, Vanceburg, Lewis County VFD, Garrison, (Mason County) Maysville, Highland Heights, Germantown, Washington, Orangeburg, Mays Lick, Lewisburg, Fernleaf-Highlands, (Fleming County) Flemingsburg, Mt. Carmel, Hillsboro, and Ewing. The Finley Fire Equipment Company also was represented. Numerous (approx. 25) semi-trucks made their presence known including 13 from Fannin Trucking and 8 from Truesdell Trucking, with Rip's Farm Center adding two trucks, with Mike Bradford & Son and McCann Farms taking the tour as well. Southern States also had two trucks in the parade (Gary worked for Southern States for 19 years before retiring) and there were a number of current and former Southern State employees and retirees in the crowd to show their support for Gary as well. Bobby McCann and Woodie Mullins had their rollbacks out, Craig Stanfield had a tiny house parade float parked at his office, there was a military truck, a few tractors, a few antique cars and trucks, a couple of ATVs and other vehicles in the parade as well, with Constable David Lancaster bringing up the rear of the parade. The Tollesboro Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the Lewis County Sheriff's office for directing traffic during the event and all fire departments and personnel for their attendance, Southern States and all other local businesses who participated, as well as all the individuals who stood alongside the road to offer their support and encouragement! 


     The TOLLESBORO CHRISTIAN CHURCH will host a TRUNK OR TREAT at the TOLLESBORO LIONS CLUB Shelter House on Halloween, Sat., Oct 31st.


      The Tollesboro Lions Club was recently notified by KY Agricultural Commissioner Ryan Quarles that they were chosen as a recipient of a Kentucky Department of Agriculture Division of Fairs Grant. Commissioner Quarles specifically indicated that theTollesboro Lions Club Fair was given credit specifically due to how they have continued to make improvements to their fairgrounds on an annual basis.
       This year, 24 fairs applied for the Division of Fairs grant; of the 24 fairs applying, 7 were selected as grant recipients. Recipients, their grant award amounts, and the use of the grant monies are listed following (high to low): Carroll County Fair, $100,000 for a new building; Trimble County Fair, $73,582 for improvements to livestock ring, horse arena, and demolition-derby area; Purchase Area Fair (Graves Co.) $40,500 for building and fence repairs; Tollesboro Lions Club (Lewis Co). $25,000 for paving, electrical, fencing and lighting upgrades; Larue County Fair $23,250 for roof, electrical upgrades, and fence repairs; Clark County Fair $20,960 for public announcement system and electrical upgrades; and Ballard County Fair $17,732 for new roof and stage. 
       The Kentucky Department of Agriculture Division of Fair grant program is governed by KRS 247.220, Section 7. The program offers grants through a $300,000 annual program that permits official county fairs to apply for 75-25 grants to improve existing fair facilities. The minimum amount that a fair can apply for is $10,000 and the maximum amount that a fair can request is $100,000. Once a fair has been awarded a grant, they are not eligible to receive another grant for a period of 3 years. An application is required to be completed requiring the provision of copies of deeds or leases, as well as other data regarding estimates of the number of annual users, particularly those serving agricultural users, livestock shows, FFA and 4-H participation, etc. The grant permits members of the organizations to contribute to the project by providing in-kind labor, and the value of donated and contributed materials can be applied as part of the match. Projects must be started within 90 days of the date the grant is awarded, and must be completed within 9 months (although extensions may be granted on a case by case basis). Grant programs such as that offered by the Department of Agriculture are so important to permit local fairs to make improvements to improve fairgrounds and fair facilities so as to better promote agriculture throughout the Commonwealth. 
     The Tollesboro Lions Club had applied for a grant in the amount of $25,000 to permit the organization to improve their existing fairgrounds and most importantly to develop a 5.818 acre tract of land the organization purchased this year. The grant will permit the group to extend electric services including the placement of poles for extending wiring and installing LED lighting, and to construct/build/improve a roadway to access the acreage - a combination of gravel and blacktop - as well as to re-pave portions of the main blacktop roadway extending through the grounds. In addition, it will further permit construction of an elevated announcers stand at the Mud Sling/Demolition Derby event site. 
     The Tollesboro Lions Club is a non-profit organization organized in 1954 and incorporated in 1960. They conducted their first fair (originally a one-day event conducted on the grounds of the Tollesboro High School) in 1958. In 1960, they purchased their first tract of land - consisting of approximately 8 acres - which became the cornerstone of the approximate 30 acre fairgrounds existing today. 
     While small in numbers (the organization has approximately 30 members), they have been active in the community since their inception, and the community of Tollesboro has been able to see the Fairgrounds extensively developed and improved. Numerous local businesses (too numerous to list here) have also offered their support - through grants, donated labor, materials and funds - to permit the Tollesboro Lions Club to improve the fairgrounds, and we would be remiss not to mention our Elite Sponsors, individual event sponsors, and horse show class and trophy sponsors who generously support our organization and fair through their financial contributions. 




The Tollesboro Lions Club is a part of the World's Largest Service Organization, Lions Club International, with over 1.35 MILLION members in 46,000 clubs established in over 200 countries!!!


     Located at the Tollesboro Lions Club Fairgrounds and Community Park, KY 10, KY 9 ("AA" Hwy), and the Lions Club Road, Tollesboro, Lewis County, Kentucky.

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